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10 Killer Social Media Hacks that get Startups to their Marketing Objectives

Posted by Ross Lauder - CRO

You want to use social media to reach your marketing objectives as quickly as possible, but you’re not sure what platforms and campaigns will work best for you. Check out these ten killer social media hacks that can turn software startups into software giants in no time.

1. Ever wonder why artists launch their albums on Tuesdays?10 Killer Social Media Hacks that get Startups to their Marketing Objectives

What do software startups have in common with Grammy Award-winning musicians? They should both be launching their next big thing on a Tuesday. Virtually all websites – and social media platforms – have dips in traffic over the weekend. Fridays tend to get lost, too. Most users play catch up on Mondays, which brings us to Tuesdays: the perfect day for new releases – and the best day to launch your new mass communications campaigns.

2. Require users to share your media to access your content

Asking customers to pay for your killer content is a great way to ensure no one reads it – but there are other ways to encourage users to get the word out. One option is to require them to share the content in order to access it. Create an eye-catching title, back it up with great content on your site so users will know you’re legit, and then require them to share the content to get at it. This can get you thousands of extra views.

3. Locate influencers and offer them heavily discounted or free products

Reach out to the influencers in your niche via Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Offer a deep discount – or give them your software for free. If they like it, they’ll post about it. Reaching out to the right influencers could put your business in front of millions of eyes.

4. Maximise the FAQ section of your website

The FAQ section of your website can be absolute gold: you can answer questions users frequently have to reduce the amount of work your support team needs to do, centre questions around your key selling points, and monitor what people are searching to get there, which will tell you a lot about how your social media consultant should be structuring your social media posts.

5. Skip the upselling – for now – and focus on downselling

Software start-ups often suffer from a lack of trust in their brand. It’s understandable – if no one has heard of you, why should they trust you? Focus your social media strategies on downselling. Offer a limited version of your software, your eBook, or a reduced price for training courses. This increases the number of people who have experience with your company, and increases brand loyalty and trust.

6. Is all publicity good publicity? It might be for start-ups

Your mass communications plans should centre around building positive publicity for your company. However, don’t shy away from any negative reviews, blogs, Tweets, etc. Bad reviews for established brands can lead to a reduction in sales, but the opposite is true of emerging brands: negative reviews can make consumers who’ve never heard of you look into the products you offer.10 Killer Social Media Hacks that get Startups to their Marketing Objectives

7. Scalability should not be a top priority for start-ups

When you’ve been working with a social media consultant for years and simply need to keep the momentum going, scalability is a factor. This is not the case for software start-ups. In the early days, reach out on a one-to-one basis and give personal attention that isn’t scalable. You’ll make a big impression on these early followers.

8. Get Analytics right and the rest will fall into place

Google Analytics is the best place to understand your datapoints and how effective your campaigns are. Your social media consultant will know Analytics up and down and can make sense of it all for you.

9. Case studies play well on social media

Social media users want to know that people just like them have benefitted from the products or services you offer. Include case studies across your social media platforms to build trust and stand out from the crowd.

10. Use social media to get immediate feedback

The most important thing a start-up needs is for their users to tell them what needs to be improved. Simply sending them a survey isn’t enough – most users won’t complete it. Offer incentives and they’ll fill it out fast! – 5% off their next order, entry into a draw, or even access to exclusive content can do the trick.

Software start-ups can use these ten killer hacks to hit their marketing objectives faster than they think!

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Ross Lauder - CRO

Ross Lauder - CRO

Ross is a strategist focused on growth, applying a custom yet uniform approach to all engagements.

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