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Social Media and Blogging: The Two-Part Strategy to Successful Mass Communications

Posted by Ross Lauder - CRO

As every digital marketing agency or SEO agency will tell you, there are two key components of every successful mass communications strategy: social media and blogging. With the following helpful tips and tricks, you can master this two-part strategy and give your business the edge over competitors.

Promote your blog posts on social media. The vast majority of social media consultants will tell you that the key to integrating blogging and social media is promoting your blog posts across all of your social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. This will get the blogsSocial Media and Blogging: The Two-Part Strategy to Successful Mass Communications out there and available, but the key to effectively promoting them is to post links to your blog posts when you know your followers are likely to be online. To know this, and get other specific information regarding your followers’ activities on social media, be sure to use analytics tools, such as Facebook Analytics.

You also need to develop a sharing schedule that makes sense. Post to social media as soon as your blog post goes live. Then, as a general rule of thumb, you should link to the same blog post more than in order to maximise visibility and reach, ideally over the course of the next few days. But be sure not to cross the line into oversharing territory. Posting every hour on the dot will come across as intrusive and spammy, and users won’t appreciate it.

Wondering how to promote your blog posts on social media? Well, you need to come up with a tagline that attracts your users’ attention and gets them to click. There’s a variety of ways to do this. For example, you might ask a question, cite a compelling fact, or share a thought-provoking or eye-catching quote from the blog post. In order for your integrated marketing communications strategy to be successful, you can’t just post content; you need to successfully facilitate engagement.

Optimise your content for each individual network. Every social networking site handles texts and images differently, so it isn’t a wise idea to take a one-size-fits-all approach. When posting a link to a blog post, make sure to tailor the format of the content to each specific social media site.

Monitor your results. When bringing blogging and social media together for successful integrated marketing communications, you really need to monitor your progress. Be sure to take note of any of the following:

Social Media and Blogging: The Two-Part Strategy to Successful Mass Communications

- An increase or decrease in post activity: Whenever there are changes in the activity on a post (likes, favourites, comments, shares, etc.), take note. Specifically, you will want to pay careful attention to what prompts spikes in activity (certain post times, certain subjects, content format).

- Negative feedback from your target audience: If users are expressing displeasure regarding the type of content you are posting or with the frequency of your posts, take their input into consideration. If one or two users have negative feedback, it most likely isn’t a big deal, but if the number is significant, take action to address the concerns.

- Changes in click-through rates: If you notice a decline in click-through rates, it is a major red flag. Low click-through rates tend to indicate that users don’t find your content relevant, interesting, or engaging. If click-through rates drop, it is time to re-evaluate your strategy.

When monitoring reception to your social media posts, make changes based on user reaction. The more carefully you monitor response, the better your shot at success. Remember, if you are having trouble with blogging or social media, you can always call in your local SEO agency or a social media consultant for help and guidance back on to the path to success.


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Ross Lauder - CRO

Ross Lauder - CRO

Ross is a strategist focused on growth, applying a custom yet uniform approach to all engagements.

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