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Lead Generation Lessons From Our First Inbound Digital Marketing Workshop

Our first Inbound Marketing Workshop took place last week at the Hilton Charlemont in Dublin 2, and we were delighted with the reception we got from many enthusiastic and enterprising attendees who got there bright and early to hear what we had to say.

As Ireland’s only HubSpot platinum-rated agency, we are always happy to pass on our experience, and we look forward to hosting many more events in the coming year. But what did our Sales & Strategy Director Ross Lauder have to say? Here is an outline:


Ross started off with an interesting opener. One of the main things we have learned in dealing with our clients over the last few years is that people don’t have inbound marketing problems. In reality, what they have is lead generation problems.

There are two major problems people have with digital marketing that we have come across:

  • Getting Found
  • Converting

Redesign Rethink

In a survey we conducted, we found that 54% of businesses we spoke to have done a website redesign in the last year or two, but they rarely keep in mind that your website should be treated as your number one salesperson.

  • 72% had no good lead gen strategy on their old website, or on their new one
  • 82% couldn’t give a good reason for actually doing their redesign

That old Kevin Costner movie cliché of ‘if you build it, he will come’ just isn’t true. Just because you have undertaken a snazzy new website design, doesn’t mean you will suddenly see an influx of new leads.

Ultimately, a redesign means nothing if all it does is say how great your brand is, or how eye-catching your new logo is. What people are spending thousands and thousands on could realistically be done for €50. If all you want is for it to look good.

You need to examine what purpose your website has, and design it accordingly. And if it is your number one salesperson, that purpose should be to generate leads, convert those leads, and increase sales.

Can I Have Your Attention Please!

We live in a rapidly changing world in which technologies have come and gone and the average attention span has shortened dramatically. This means that you have to be able to grab the attention of your audience or customer base quickly and effectively.


Many businesses go down the route of paying for strategically placed ads, but if you think about it, how many people wake up every morning thinking: ‘I can’t wait to see an ad today!’ Nobody really. So why do marketers do it? True, clicking on an ad will bring visitors to your site, but what then? Also, so many people are not just avoiding clicking on what they know are ads, they are increasingly using ad blocking software to avoid even having to look at them.

It’s all down to an obsession with a misplaced idea of the sales funnel. Marketers think that with their website they will attract a load of visitors, then there is a huge grey area where magical things just happen, leading to a final result of a sale.

Focus On Lead Generation

If you rely on magic to happen to bring visitors from an initial look at your website to a purchasing decision, you won’t get very far, and this is why an effective inbound marketing strategy tailored towards lead generation is vital.

  • What is that strategy?
  • Inbound marketing is about creating trust, not scepticism
  • It’s about being loved, not ignored
  • It’s about out-smarting, not out-spending the competition

If the first step is to be noticed by online consumers, you need to create great content in the forms of blogs, compelling web pages and social media messaging – all optimised to drive qualified leads to your site.

That content needs to be interesting to the website visitor, and that means identifying buyer needs, personalising your marketing and understanding what content will pull leads through the sales funnel. It needs to fit the context of where the visitor is in their journey, providing a logical progression at each step.

That means providing compelling Calls-To-Action that bring visitors into your site. A ‘Contact Us’ button just won’t cut it. Why would a visitor to your site click on this? What do you have to offer them for doing so?


Those CTAs need to be fully optimised to work, should compel visitors to click that button, and should include:

  • Actionable language: ‘Learn’ – ‘Discover’ – ‘Unearth’
  • A clear value proposition: Remember the ‘what’s in it for me?’ question all visitors will ask
  • Context: It must be in the context of your blog content, identify the need at hand and suggest a solution
  • Strong colours: Make that CTA stand out

Remember too that there should be no other distractions, so make sure to include only one CTA that gives a definite indication of where the value lies.

Then it’s all about offering them incentives to read on, to find out more, and so on, and giving the chance to learn more about their problem or challenge, how it can be solved, and ultimately, how you are the one who can solve it.

Digital Marketing The Inbound Way

The process involves bringing visitors through the sales cycle by offering the right content at the right time to the right person, with an equitable and fair exchange of information – on an effective landing page, you offer a download that gives some great and useful information, and in return all you ask for is the visitor’s contact details.

If you have a fully integrated inbound marketing strategy using a portal such as the HubSpot COS, you can track what people click on, what they download, and how far along the sales cycle they are, so you can know when is the best time to contact them and try to close the deal.

This is the essence of inbound marketing. It’s not about trying to jump in with an immediate sale, but rather bringing those people who show an initial interest to the table in the first place, and repeatedly showing them the value of what you have to offer until they are ready to make a purchasing decision.

There was so much more discussed at the workshop, including a practical section where we formed groups and created buyer personas, but we will leave that for another day. Stay tuned to our blog to learn what else Ross spoke about, and what great tips he gave on creating an effective and efficient inbound marketing strategy that will generate leads and boost your business success.

If you want to find out more about how Get Focused can help your business or agency increase website traffic and generate leads, book a call with us, and download our Lead Generation Survival Kit:

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Adam Hyland - Chief Editor

Adam Hyland - Chief Editor

Adam is the most vital link between your message and your audience, ensuring your tone is on brand and optimised for engagement.

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