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4 Examples of How DIY Social Media Adds Value to Mass Communications

Posted by Ross Lauder - CRO

Why Does SMM improve Mass Communications?

As I have discussed many times before, people’s indifference to social media as a marketing tool baffles me. There are huge gains to be made through social media, and it’s far from a difficult marketing tool to use. There are thousands of examples where businesses have completely nailed their DIY social media efforts and reaped the rewards. I’m sure many of you shudder when I say DIY, the mere thought of starting up facebook and twitter accounts for your business seems tough enough, let alone the analytics and constant monitoring. But the DIY I am referring to isn’t a completely solo implementation.

Think of it like building a fence; you have the wood and the hammer in your shed, but you still need to buy the nails. Generally speaking most business will need to hire to a social media consultant to kick-start a project or give some guida

nce. But once it is aligned with marketing objectives and set up with a management system, it can then become a DIY marketing tool for your business.

Take a look at these 4 examples of how businesses have nailed DIY social media;

1. Maes Radler

Although you may not have heard of them, Alken-Maes is a rather large producer of beer in Belgium. In fact Maes is currently the second largest beer company in what is considered to be one of the greatest beer producing country in the world. It also happens to be the third most used surname in Belgium. In 2013 Alken-Maes implemented a campaign whereby anybody with the last name Maes would receive a free barrel of beer. They notified their customers via facebook, and even allowed people to change their names on facebook to receive the barrel. As a result, Alken-Maes tripled their facebook likes to 75,000 in just one day and their facebook page attracted over 500,000 visits in just six weeks.


4 Examples of DIY Social Media Adding Value to Mass Communications

What this achieved - Huge Exposure

This campaign wa
s not only a success because of the free beer. Through mass communications Alken-Maes saw sales skyrocket and their brands reach and exposure grow exponentially. The increase in reach and exposure widened their net for customers. In an industry with many varying demographics this kind of increase can be hugely valuable. Also according to Facebook, Maes is now the most common surname in Belgium after gaining over 7,000 new members thanks to that campaign.

2. Sevenly

Sevenly is a US based online clothing store. In 2011 Sevenly opened up and collaborated with a charity, an artist and consumers to provide clothes whilst also raising brand awareness. They team up with a charity and an artist to produce a new T-Shirt each week.  Their 7-day T-Shirt campaigns have gained them massive international exposure whilst also racking up close to $4.5 million in charitable earnings. They ask each customer to share their purchase on social media just like they would if they donated to another cause. Click here for a better look at how they work.4 Examples of How DIY Social Media Adds Value to Mass Communications

What this achieves - A relatable personality for the brand

Through aligning their marketing objectives with a weekly charity, Sevenly add a hint of human to their business. They use their social media to keep their customers up to date on their charitable earnings and their upcoming collaborations with different charities. People naturally want to work with a good cause, and Sevenly have tapped into this market perfectly. It’s this generous side to the business that sees people wanting to associate with them. By giving their brand a charitable persona they have gained customers all around the world.

3. JetBlue4 Examples of DIY Social Media Adding Value to Mass Communications

The aviation industry is no strangers to customer complaints and social outcry. So it may seem strange that an airline is being used as an example of what to do on social media. In fact it is that exact reason why they have made this list. JetBlue have 1.3 million facebook followers and 1.95 million twitter followers, yet they still manage to respond to every dissatisfied customer in a timely fashion. Not only do they respond to customers who @mention them, they also manage to interact with customers who are generally discussing their brand. Using their social media team they track keywords and hashtags so they can respond to even more customers. Click here to check out JetBlue’s customer interaction on facebook.  

What this achieves – Customer Interaction and Satisfaction

The adage “mud sticks” springs to mind when thinking about airline reputations. Unfortunately public opinion isn’t great for them. Often touted as uncaring and inconsiderate, JetBlue is the airline doing t4 Examples of How DIY Social Media Adds Value to Mass Communications heir best to shake that stereotype. Through aligning their marketing objectives with their social media, JetBlue’s customer relation efforts have seen them become the talked about airline on social media. People even consult the JetBlue social media team on issues unrelated to their flights. This kind of interaction instills a sense of loyalty with customers, something that is hugely valuable in any industry today. Conversation tracking and hashtag monitoring are things a social media consultant can help setup and maintain quite easily.

4. Dunkin Donuts

Probably not the type of business you would associate with your own, but the campaign was smart, effective and at the time original. Dunkin’ Donuts developed an engaging social media campaign to promote their new Coolatta drink in the US. They told their customers to upload photo’s of themselves with their Coolatta drinks to facebook, and by doing so they would automatically enter into a daily giveaway. Despite the horrible name of the drink, the campaign built up their social media following therefore increasing product recognition. It’s also a campaign type that can be translated to most industries with a few tweaks.

What it achieved – Mass Recognition through Low Cost promotions

I’m not saying copy the Dunkin Donuts campaign; there is a fair chance you are in a completely different market with completely different demographics. What I am simply pointing out how effective low cost social media marketing can be. This particular campaign was incredibly low in cost and it did returned a massive amount of exposure. People were liking the Dunkin Donuts facebook page giving them the chance to interact with their customers. It also flooded facebook with pictures of people drinking the Coolatta. You know your business better than anyone, maybe this type of campaign would fit in well with your marketing objectives.

These four examples show you just how easy it is for your business to completely nail social media. The first thing you should do before jumping in the pool is dip your toes. Scratch the surface and find out what type of social media campaign is for you; do you want to add a relatable personality to your business? maybe its increased exposure you want? Doing some research will help you form an idea of what can help your business. And for the brave who decide they can maintain their own social from the get go, there is our eBook.


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Ross Lauder - CRO

Ross Lauder - CRO

Ross is a strategist focused on growth, applying a custom yet uniform approach to all engagements.

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