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HubSpot & The Integrated Marketing Communications Your Start-up Craves?

Posted by Ken Lanigan - CEO

HubSpot as Part of a Complete Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy

Will HubSpot provide the Integrated Marketing Communications your Start-up needs?

Whether a business exists online or on Main Street, during start-up it’s difficult to control your message. So many other priorities can overshadow marketing considerations during those early days. A new business might be juggling staffing, payroll and banking concerns, or even just getting an inventory in place. However, in the online age, getting the word out can be just as vital as keeping the lights on.

Integrated marketing communications is often a make-or-break decision for small business owners, many of whom may be triaging their energy and budget as their business gets off the ground. One company, HubSpot.com, has built their concept around consolidating marketing efforts into a one-stop platform.

That may prove ideal for start-ups, saving time, money and energy by making it possible to control everything from email marketing and lead generation to analytics and synching their sales force, all under one roof.

Today a great deal of business is driven by mass communications. They can range from social media and emails to blogs and videos. HubSpot specialises in just such ‘inbound communications’ wherein customers locate a business almost indirectly through their company’s online content, as opposed to traditional efforts like cold calling or hitting the bricks.

Every business today needs to manage some form of integrated marketing communications, lest they be left far behind by forward-thinking competitors. And according to HubSpot, it doesn’t have to eat up a considerable amount of time or money.

Their platform was designed to bring all the tools needed for mass communication into a single space. From their hub, users can coordinate all strategies, like email and social media marketing, while maintaining greater brand consistency across the board. That’s one advantage of integrated marketing communications. Another is the incredible legs a solid campaign can have, meaning it carries on working to the business’s advantage long after it was initially implemented.

Analytics can be daunting to many business owners, small or large. Tracking the success and response from one campaign to the next, for instance, is much easier on a thoughtful and user-friendly platform. HubSpot developers provided this, bringing the tools needed to manage all marketing contingencies in an easy and intuitive design, and receive considerable applause for doing so.

Where the service most excels through integration might just be as an on-going reference tool. It allows business owners to track the success or failure of various integrated efforts. This means, in part, seeing how much traffic or how many shares/likes an individual blog or posting receives - and putting that response data to valuable use later on.

But do their integrated services provide all they promise? It appears many business owners have been won over by this aspect alone. The Boston-based boutique marketing firm Nectafy recently reviewed the service.

Their inbound marketing guru Lance Cummins raves about the ‘really gorgeous’ dashboard and mobile app, but beyond aesthetics, he also gives high marks for the way Hubspot integrates marketing communications with ease. ‘It saves real time and money now, but also later on when launching campaigns or developing social media. There’s no need to continually build from scratch,’ he adds.

Will HubSpot provide the Integrated Marketing Communications your Start-up needs?

For many professionals, even seasoned online marketing veterans, integration can be a daunting prospect. HubSpot gives special consideration to providing sharp functionality alongside an intuitive platform that helps users build their content easily. Their video section is a powerful resource too, offering easy-to-follow steps.

‘HubSpot takes customer training very seriously,’ Cummins writes. ‘They have a fantastic library of webinars that help you understand the process of inbound marketing.

HubSpot integration helps businesses synch sales leads in real-time, while functioning with apps and services like Instagram and Shopify to make extending their reach an attainable goal.  From survey management to event registration, they offer a host of services that business owners can put into use, all from one spot.

Chat reps are always on-hand to keep things moving smoothly, and their blog helps marketers define their brand clearly while honing their content with the latest strategies in mind.

HubSpot’s position appears to be one of encouragement and well-informed guidance. They want to help users to learn from mistakes of the past, and embrace a new way of integrated marketing built around connections rather than a traditional sales pitch.

As one of their particularly-adorable videos promotes, ‘Make love, not Spam’ - or from a marketer’s standpoint: send innovative, powerful content built on real communication, not junk email. Wise words from a company that can really help your business.


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Ken Lanigan - CEO

Ken Lanigan - CEO

Ken is at the heart of operations within Get Focused, with a clear line of sight on delivery.

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