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Who Is the Biggest Influencer at Inbound 2016?

Posted by Ken Lanigan - CEO

We’re right in the thick of it here in Boston at Inbound 2016, the biggest gathering of inbound digital marketers and business leaders adopting an effective digital marketing strategy, and we want to hear from you.


There are 14,000 other people here keen to hear some great insights and tips from some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs and digital marketers, and we have packed our agendas tightly, eager to attend as many of the keynote speeches, inspirational talks and educational breakouts taking place this week as possible. (We also want to hear what Alec Baldwin has to say because, well, who doesn’t? But we are intrigued by the talks from both Anna Kendrick and Serena Williams too)

We were particularly looking forward to talks from Gary Vaynerchuk and HubSpot’s Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, as well as Outbrain’s Yaron Galia, the inspirational Reshma Saujani, George Thomas of The Sales Lion, and Jeffrey Henry of BIGSHOT, a HubSpot diamond partner, among many others.

But who, fellow inbounders, were you, or are you still, looking forward to hearing from?

We've just seen how successful a certain man called Donald #Trump has been by targeting the audience he knew he could influence and becoming US president. Tell us - Who do you think is the inbound marketer with the most influence? Who did you most want to see?

Is it Gary Vaynerchuk? Reshma Saujani? Serena Williams? Or Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah? Click on their image to vote now.

Who is the most influential speaker at Inbound 2016?


Let us know, and don’t be afraid to tell us why in the comments section below.

Enjoy this great event and hopefully we will get to meet as many of you as possible!

If you miss us at Inbound 2016, don't worry, you can book a call with us at any time.



Ken Lanigan - CEO

Ken Lanigan - CEO

Ken is at the heart of operations within Get Focused, with a clear line of sight on delivery.

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