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Web Design & What a CMS Portal Can & Should Do For You!

Posted by Ross Lauder - CRO

What The Hell is A CMS Anyway....

Ross_Lauder_Profile_Picture.jpgA content management system, or CMS for short, is an application that allows website owners and other authorized users to create, publish, modify and store a website’s content from a central interface. A CMS portal normally has an administration section on the web – also known as the backend – where content is made or edited. The content can then be viewed by end users on the website, which is also known as the front end. Unlike a static website, a CMS-based website is dynamic meaning there is a database in which information is stored and fetched real-time when an end user accesses that piece of information. Static websites, on the other hand, have the information coded on each web page. Thus, if you need to edit the content somewhere on your static website, your web design company will have to modify the content on the exact webpage and then re-publish it on the server using ftp software. As this work requires a lot of technical knowledge, not every website owner can do this. On the contrary, updating a CMS-based website is quite easy. You only have to access a password-protected dashboard and from there, you can do your content modifications. While your site visitor won’t have a clue whether your site is built using CMS, the differences between CMS and static HTML are something that you as the website owner will feel as you go along managing your site. Here are some of the benefits of having a CMS-based site.

1. Great for website owners with little knowledge of programming and HTML

When you’re using a CMS, then you’ll be able to manage all of the content on your web pages even if your computing knowledge is limited to MS Word. There’s no need for any HTML or programming experience. This is feature is specifically useful for CMS Intranet sites of big organizations, wherein there are many content contributors who have varying skills. In this case, a very simple user interface is what’s needed, which is something that a CMS can offer.

2. Web content will be fresh all the time

Because of the vast number of pages that they have to manage, many companies find it difficult to find their site’s content as updated as they would like. There are often delays on revising old content and getting new ones online, which would result in the entire website stagnating. This does not just result in fewer site visits, but also in a lower search engine ranking. When you have a CMS-based website, you simply have to login the admin panel and from here you can add a new page, content, photos, videos and other components to your site. This ensures freshness of content and a quicker time for publishing it. In addition, this would reduce your calls to digital marketing agency if you want any changes to be made to your site.


3. Availability of templates

You can change the design of your entire website through the use of templates. In static-page websites, redesigning them is very big job. With CMS, you only have to download one of them many free templates available and apply it to your website. If you are a running a company website and a unique web design inspiration is something that you need, you can always ask your web designer to make a custom template for you.

4. Option to install useful plugins and widgets

Behind CMS platforms are active communities that help each other by building plugins and widgets that serve to extend the platform’s functionality. A CMS may have a specific list of useful functions and features, but as your website grows in complexity, you may find yourself needing more depending on your web marketing objectives. This is where plugins and widgets come in. There are thousands upon thousands of them available for any functionality you can think of.

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5. Content is more secure 

With a CMS, a website administrator can assign different roles to each user. Depending on what role is assigned to you, you are permitted or restricted access to specific parts of the site. There are also mechanisms to safeguard against content going live without being approved first. For instance, your social media strategist assigned as editor-in-chief can check the content first, make revisions and then publish it on the website. This feature is very useful in a big work environment in which different responsibilities have to be distributed among many users.

6. Website can be updated anytime, anywhere

You do not need to have the best web design software on hand when you wish to update your website. To do the job, you only need to have a device connected to the Internet. You only have to log in the admin panel through your web browser, and from there you can add or edit content as needed.

7. Good for search engine optimization (SEO)

As mentioned above, freshness of content is one thing that CMS can help you with. This is believed to contribute a lot in SEO as search engines give more preference to sites that contain content that’s updated regularly. With the help of your social media consultant, you can employ the use some social media plugins so you can build an online community around your company. You can also put into use best practices for SEO such as inclusion of web page titles, use of meaningful URLs, and so on.

8. Helps in web analytics

If you’re a business and you want to see if your website is consistent with your positioning strategy, you have to check its performance metrics. With a CMS, you can view analytics such as traffic to your site, referrals, popular search engine queries, geo-location of users, and so much more. Through all these, you can better understand the profile of the users accessing your website.

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Ross Lauder - CRO

Ross Lauder - CRO

Ross is a strategist focused on growth, applying a custom yet uniform approach to all engagements.

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