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Upcoming Digital Marketing Events to Put in Your Diary

It’s always handy to check in on what’s going on in the world of digital marketing outside the walls of Get Focused Towers, so we are constantly on the lookout for new events coming up that can help us gain the insights we need to continue delivering a top-quality service to our clients and partners.


While some of you may still be reeling from the wealth of information, insights and updates shared at HubSpot’s Inbound 2017 summit (and some may still be reeling because they missed it), there are other chances to see what’s hot in the industry, what trends to look out for, and what others have to say about various aspects and strategies in digital marketing.

One exciting event happening next week (so get your skates on if you can) is the upcoming HubSpot User Group (HUG) event in Oxford, hosted by our good friends over at BabelQuest. We were proud participants at their September event last year, so we know first-hand that they put on a good evening of talks, presentations, insights and networking.

It’s happening next Wednesday, November 15, from 6.30pm to 9pm, so if you are in the area, or want to make the short hop over to discover some great, useful information on improving your inbound marketing strategy, I recommend registering.

What stands out about this event is the line-up of speakers whose insights will be shared and brains will be picked on the night. Following a run-down of the insights the hosts gained from Inbound 2017, HubSpot’s Channel Account Manager Olivia Kirwan will talk about account-based marketing in the HubSpot platform. This will be followed by a talk from HubSpot Sales Blog Editor Aja Frost on the habits of a highly-effective sales team. Not to be missed.

You can register for the event here.

Conversions at Croke Park

If you can’t make it over to Oxford, we Irish HubSpot marketers and digital marketers in general will be interested to know that there are some less-HubSpot-specific but still exciting events happening a little further down the line in the new year, and these are much closer to home.

On February 8, 3XE Digital rocks up at Croke Park, with a one-day event featuring 20 great speakers and six workshops, all focused around conversion.

We are all familiar with the problem of attracting loads of new leads to our business or agency but then struggling to bring them down the conversion path, so this seminar should give some really good advice on and insights into what strategies work best across content creation, workflows, social media, SEO and sales.

amy_mcmanus_am_marketing_at_3xe_digital_marketing_events_for_your_diary_get_focused_on_marketing.jpgAmong the speakers are Wolfgang Digital CEO Alan Coleman, AM Marketing MD Amy McManus (pictured), who will talk about ad blocking and how to overcome it, which is something we have written about before, and Head of Paid Media at White.net Anu Adegbola, who will talk about PPC and conversion. Another talk that should prove very interesting is that by Bastian Grimm, Director of Organic Search at Peak Ace AG, who will discuss how to handle the ever-changing face of Google search results.

There will be several practical workshops on the day too, and we are particularly looking forward to hearing from Jack Murray, founder of All Good Tales, talking about storytelling and the impact on conversion, which is a subject close to our hearts as this blog shows.

The details of the keynote speakers and other workshops have yet to be announced, so check out the event website for updates.

You can get your tickets here.

The Digital Arena

If Croke Park has 3XE, the Aviva has DMX, featuring 30 international and local speakers taking to the stage to share their digital marketing insights with more than 800 industry professionals. That’s some nice networking opportunities right there.

The event will see some informative keynote speakers, real-life case studies from successful brands, and state of the art digital technologies that are transforming digital marketing today, and into the future.

mark_earls_herdmeister_dmx_digital_marketing_events_for_your_diary_get_focused_on_marketing.jpgAmong the keynotes will be Herdmeister’s Mark Earls (pictured), who will be looking at creativity or the lack of it, and how we use what has worked elsewhere to solve our marketing challenges, and Facebook Global Solutions Partner Juliette Gilligan, who will talk about identifying and acting on great opportunities.

Also of interest will be Lego’s VP of Digital Consumer Engagement, who will talk about returning to the fundamentals that originally made digital stand out, and Dr Millard of BT Global’s Customer Insights & Futurology department, who will discuss collaboration in an age when we find ourselves working away from the office or with partners spread across the globe.

You can buy a ticket here.

If you can’t make any of these events but want to stay in touch with what is happening in the world of inbound marketing, check out our blog.

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Adam Hyland - Chief Editor

Adam Hyland - Chief Editor

Adam is the most vital link between your message and your audience, ensuring your tone is on brand and optimised for engagement.

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