What Does Twitter’s New Character Limit Mean for Digital Marketers?

Posted by Adam Hyland

15 November

If you’re worried that you will never be president because you can’t fit your thoughts into less than 140 characters, you no longer need to worry! The world and his dog probably knows by now that Twitter has doubled its character limit to 280, giving people twice the elbow room to share their opinions (or insult other world leaders). But what does it mean for marketers? We take a look…

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Digital Marketing, Twitter, social media marketing, social media tools, Twitter character limit

Digital Marketing Tools for Financial Organisations

Posted by Tom Ritchie

13 June

The times they are a changin’, and whilst the financial services industry is steeped in tradition, regulation and laws, it’s also becoming more and more important to role with these changes to get the edge on competitors. While Ireland hasa thriving financial services and fintech sector, with that success comes competition and keeping your marketing department ahead of the rest has its challenges, so whether you need to implement a CRM to manage client relations or use social media more effectively to engage with target markets on a daily basis, there are many tools that can help make every marketing effort more effective.

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Topics: fintech, social media tools, lead generation for finance, website analytics tools, marketing automation for financial services, SEO tools for financial services, Digital marketing for finance, financial services digital marketing, financial services, digital marketing tools for finance, email marketing tools, financial services lead generation

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