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Pokemon Go in decline? No chance - What it means for digital marketing

One thing we all hate is when a colleague returns from their holiday and we have to sit patiently and listen to their tales of travel and excitement, but bear with me as I tell you what I saw while away recently.

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How LinkedIn brings all your Mass Communications together

Facebook is great for friends and Twitter is perfect for talk, but when it’s time to do some real business, LinkedIn remains social media’s top dog.

LinkedIn connects members to peers and colleagues across countless job types, from corporate accountants to fashion designers. Whatever field you’re in, LinkedIn has a sizable community of similar professionals. This has proved to be an invaluable tool for networking and headhunting, but how can LinkedIn be used effectively for standard mass communications?

Posted by Ross Lauder - CRO
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LinkedIn vs. Business Cards in the Age of Mass Communications

There was a time when business cards did all the work for professionals looking to network or connect. These pieces of paper contained all the information a person looking to do business needed, but in this age of mass communications, are they still as effective, given the much larger business arena?

The digital age has enabled us to reach more people at the touch of a button and in less time. Thanks to the internet and the rise of various social networking sites, there are more ways to connect and many more opportunities to explore.

While the business card does its job of relaying information up front very well, if your goal is to attract and be available to a more global audience, it is no longer enough.

Posted by Ross Lauder - CRO
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5 SMM Tools to get your Startup to its Marketing Objectives

Social Marketing Objectives in Startups

Its no secret, running a startup is tough. In fact tough doesn’t even begin to explain it. The time, the effort, the blood, sweat and tears. Not to mention the daunting fail rates. The idea of running your own startup is certainly a lot greater than the reality. But there is help out there. Social media has changed the way we reach our marketing objectives, and with that comes a whole heap of potentially baffling features and concepts. Thankfully there are plenty of social media tools that specialise in helping you minimise the stress and maximise the effectiveness of your startups social efforts.

Posted by Ross Lauder - CRO
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5 Social Media Tools to Help You Achieve Your Marketing Objectives

Digital Marketing Solutions have taken a turn in recent years

The new age of social media has rolled in, and with it comes mass confusion. In a recent article I outlined how DIY social media marketing can help your business reach its marketing objectives.  There are now so many different platforms to choose from, each of those platforms have different functions and each of those functions have different outcomes. With so many different aspects how are you supposed to efficiently use these new marketing platforms?  To get you started here are 5 social media tools that all SMB’s should be using.

Posted by Ken Lanigan - CEO
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