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The C Word and How to Benefit from It With Your Social Media Strategy

First things first – by ‘C word’, we mean Christmas (If you thought it meant something else, your mind is not as pure as the driven snow). Yes, it’s that time of the year again when consumers are frantically looking around for presents to buy and places they can spend their hard-earned cash. Forget the sleigh bells and the chestnuts roasting on the open fire – to put it bluntly, it’s a capitalist holiday, and any business, whether e-commerce or traditional, that wants to bring in customers, needs to get serious about attracting them through social media channels.

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Pokemon Go in decline? No chance - What it means for digital marketing

One thing we all hate is when a colleague returns from their holiday and we have to sit patiently and listen to their tales of travel and excitement, but bear with me as I tell you what I saw while away recently.

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Why is Weibo necessary to reach  Marketing Objectives?

Sina Weibo, known as Chinese Twitter, has become one of the most popular social media channels in the world, with around 167 million monthly active users.

Having successfully completed the Initial Public Offering (IPO) in 2014, Sina Weibo has achieved net revenues of $105.2 million in Q4 2014, with 83.8% of the revenue coming from advertising and marketing ($88 million).

Posted by Yanxin Zhang
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A Social Media Consultant 's Take on 2015 Success

Ask A Social Media Consultant ! 

Social media is an essential component of anyintegrated marketing effort, working to improve your brand’s visibility, attract new customers and drive sales. But in order to be successful at social media marketing, you need to stay on top of all of the latest trends and opportunities. I’ve discussed the best tools and platforms for business before, so here is what you should know about successful social media marketing in 2015.

Posted by Anna
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5 Social Media Tools to Help You Achieve Your Marketing Objectives

Digital Marketing Solutions have taken a turn in recent years

The new age of social media has rolled in, and with it comes mass confusion. In a recent article I outlined how DIY social media marketing can help your business reach its marketing objectives.  There are now so many different platforms to choose from, each of those platforms have different functions and each of those functions have different outcomes. With so many different aspects how are you supposed to efficiently use these new marketing platforms?  To get you started here are 5 social media tools that all SMB’s should be using.

Posted by Ken Lanigan - CEO
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