Sales Process? What Sales Process? How Inbound Marketing Is Changing The Sales Landscape

Posted by Ross Lauder

06 October

Forgive me for asking an obvious question, but: Do you have a sales process for your business or agency? Here’s another three, straight off the bat: If you do have a sales process, what does it look like? Does it work? Is it scalable?

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Death Of A Salesman? Inbound & The Changing Focus Of The Sales Role In Marketing

Posted by Adam Hyland

03 August

Remember the days when salespeople went door to door or picked up the phone to make cold calls to try to win business? Those days are, for the most part, gone. Seismic shifts in consumer behaviour brought on by the omnipresence of the internet’s endless supply of information means people no longer want to be bothered by that interruptive approach from some guy (or gal) who has no idea who you are, what your interests are, or what you might want to buy.

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Topics: Smarketing, Inbound Marketing, integrated digital marketing, sales & marketing, align sales and marketing, new role of sales, sales in the marketing mix

Tips & Tools For An Effective Sales & Marketing Strategy

Posted by Ross Lauder

10 July

By now, you will hopefully have seen my previous blog discussing the chicken and egg scenario when it comes to sales and marketing. If you haven’t, you can see it here, but to summarise: the conundrum is that sales need marketing to generate the leads they can turn into customers, but marketing can only come about when there are enough sales to invest in marketing resources. The solution to the puzzle – both departments working as one to create an integrated ‘smarketing’ approach.

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Topics: Smarketing, sales & marketing, align sales and marketing, tools for increased sales, digital marketing and sales tools, inbound marketing tools, inbound sales, tools in the marketing mix, tools for better sales and marketing ROI

The Chicken & Egg Scenario In The Sales & Marketing Mix

Posted by Ross Lauder

30 June

So, what the hell are we talking about when we talk about the chicken and egg scenario? Well, let’s assume that the egg is marketing and the chicken is sales. Which comes first? Just as the chicken had to come from an egg, so sales will only come about by way of successful marketing. But that egg had to come from a chicken, just as marketing resources are only possible if your business has made the sales necessary to invest in them. Therein lies the conundrum: What comes first, how do you make sure you have both, where should your priorities lie, and what’s the process?

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Can Smarketing Help Achieve Your Digital Marketing Goals?

Posted by Adam Hyland

30 May

‘Smarketing.’ It’s not the nicest example of a portmanteau out there. There are others that manage to effectively and more nicely capture a two-word concept into one, from the now mundane ‘brunch’ or ‘internet’ to the entertaining ‘craptacular’. But craptacular term aside, the concept behind ‘smarketing’ - having sales and marketing working together - is great, and is one that business and agencies really should be familiar with and practising.

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Topics: Smarketing, lead generation, sales and marketing, Lead Gen For Business, qualified lead generation, closed loop reporting, sales and marketing working together

More Lessons From Our Inbound Digital Marketing Workshop: The Smarketing Approach To Lead Generation

Posted by Adam Hyland

03 February

Earlier this week, we outlined some of the main talking points from our first inbound marketing workshop held in Dublin, but there were so many more takeaways and tips that we thought we would take a look at what else our Sales Director Ross had to say.

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Topics: Smarketing, Inbound Marketing, Digital Marketing, lead generation, sales and marketing, inbound digital marketing, Inbound marketing workshop

How HubSpot Messages Helps Both Your Sales and Digital Marketing Teams

Posted by Adam Hyland

08 December

In the last couple of weeks since we crossed the big pond to attend Inbound 2016, we have been taking a look at some of the new features and tools from HubSpot that can help digital marketers create and maintain a better online marketing strategy.

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Your Integrated Marketing Communications, Do You Report?

Posted by Ross Lauder

26 June

Attractive Reporting: The Final Step in Your Integrated Marketing Communications

So you want to add some credibility to your marketing department? It’s always been easy to set marketing objectives, but in the past marketing has been a difficult department to report on, mostly due to the fact that the work was deemed intangible, and so as a result marketing reports fell between the cracks. However, things have changed. Today it is simple enough to collect data and tie dollars earned to marketing initiatives. This gives marketers the chance to prove their worth, but also demands accountability. Marketing reports are not only of use to senior management, but can also be used to great effect within their own department. So how do you provide information in a way that’s going to stand you in good stead? It’s actually simple enough and as a result can be done on a regular basis. Here’s a four-step guide to creating the perfect monthly report:

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Topics: Smarketing, Marketing Mix, Effective Web Design For Lead Gen

Social Media & Your Integrated Marketing Communications Plan

Posted by Ross Lauder

10 June

Does your Business need Social Media to reach Marketing Objectives?

It may be something that scares you, it maybe something that doesn’t interest you at all, it may even be something you know nothing about, unfortunately for you, it’s something you will have to acclimatize to, and sooner rather than later. Over the past 5 years, social media has begun to redefine the way companies operate in their given market place. Recent stats show 46% of online customers look to social media when making a purchase and that 8 out of 10 SMB’s engage with customers via social media platforms. Although these statistics show you that your business probably should be using social media as a marketing tool, they don’t give a fair indication as to how many businesses are butchering their presence, nor do they tell you how to avoid such failures. Whether you’re wondering were it all went wrong or looking to jump in the social media pool, these three steps will ensure you have a strong foundation to build on in the future. Our recent post covers how to set up a social media strategy in 8 simple steps but first lets dive deeper into the numbers.

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Posted by admin

29 July

Have you heard of the term Smarketing yet?

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