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The Best SEO Tools to Help With Your Marketing Objectives (Part 2)


Following my first installment of the Best Free SEO Tools to Help With Your Marketing Objectives, we now present more FREE tools that you can use to help you with your SEO strategy

Audits to meet Marketing Objectives

When doing SEO, it’s important for you to get an outside perspective on how your website is performing and whether you have all the elements necessary to make your website truly search engine optimised. These tools will help audit your website and determine if there are any missing elements that needs to be worked on. If you don’t have the resources to seek out local SEO services to audit your site, these are wonderful alternatives. 

Posted by Ross Lauder - CRO
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The Best Free SEO Tools to Help with Your Marketing Objectives (Part 1)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a vital component of any digital marketing strategy. If you have a firm grasp on SEO concepts and techniques, you may be able to successfully conduct your own SEO for your website or social media campaign. If you need a refresher course on SEO basics, here’s a guide we posted last year.

Posted by Ross Lauder - CRO
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Using Link Building to Achieve Your Marketing Objectives

SEO has rapidly become one of the most important digital marketing solutions for businesses and companies looking to increase their online visibi lity. It’s probably fair to say that these days businesses that don’t use SEO will get left behind by their competitors. As more and more people turn to Bing and Google to discover local brands, it become more and more important for your brand to be found.

Posted by Ross Lauder - CRO
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What Can Twitter Do for Your Mass Communications?

In the world of marketing, the emergence of social media will be seen as one of the greatest catalysts of change. As consumers demand more and more, it is through social media platforms businesses can keep up with the ever-increasing demands. Of all the platforms, Twitter has stamped itself as arguably the most effective social media-marketing tool going. If your business isn’t using twitter, here are some of the benefits you are missing out on:

Mass Communications

Of all the features that social media brings to marketing, its the mass communications aspect that really excites businesses. The potential exposure that can be gained through social media is 

extraordinary. It’s also a simple concept to grasp; Reach is 

Posted by Ross Lauder - CRO
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Five Things to Look for in an SEO Agency

What is SEO

Search engine optimization, aka SEO, has taken off in popularity in the past five years, and it shows no signs of stopping. SEO is essentially the use of methods and techniques for the purpose of increasing website traffic through search engine results.

All search engines use unique algorithms that determine the relevance of content based on the keywords or phrases used for a search.  The search engines then “crawl” websites and their content and then present the most relevant page on their results page. SEO is then the strategy used by website owners to ensure that their pages appear on the first page (at least) of a search results page.

Posted by Ross Lauder - CRO
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