How To Sell in The Digital Age: The Sales & Marketing Tools I Can’t Live Without

Posted by Ross Lauder

27 October

Like ‘Old Gil’ from the Simpsons, I’ve been in this game for more than ten years, and I’d like to think I’m not as long in the tooth as him at least. From a Glengarry Glen Ross perspective, I’m almost the newest kid on the block, but if you’re a Millennial, perhaps I seem over the hill. The bottom line is that times have changed, and selling is no longer about spewing out feature sets - it’s about identifying and being able to solve a problem in a succinct and value-orientated fashion, and interacting with your prospect in the newer channels on which they want to communicate.

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Can Smarketing Help Achieve Your Digital Marketing Goals?

Posted by Adam Hyland

30 May

‘Smarketing.’ It’s not the nicest example of a portmanteau out there. There are others that manage to effectively and more nicely capture a two-word concept into one, from the now mundane ‘brunch’ or ‘internet’ to the entertaining ‘craptacular’. But craptacular term aside, the concept behind ‘smarketing’ - having sales and marketing working together - is great, and is one that business and agencies really should be familiar with and practising.

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More Lessons From Our Inbound Digital Marketing Workshop: The Smarketing Approach To Lead Generation

Posted by Adam Hyland

03 February

Earlier this week, we outlined some of the main talking points from our first inbound marketing workshop held in Dublin, but there were so many more takeaways and tips that we thought we would take a look at what else our Sales Director Ross had to say.

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Topics: Smarketing, Inbound Marketing, Digital Marketing, lead generation, sales and marketing, inbound digital marketing, Inbound marketing workshop

How HubSpot Messages Helps Both Your Sales and Digital Marketing Teams

Posted by Adam Hyland

08 December

In the last couple of weeks since we crossed the big pond to attend Inbound 2016, we have been taking a look at some of the new features and tools from HubSpot that can help digital marketers create and maintain a better online marketing strategy.

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Topics: Smarketing, Lead gen, web design, HubSpot tools, HubSpot Messages, integrated marketing, lead generation, sales and marketing, Effective Web Design For Lead Gen, Lead Gen For Business

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