The 4 Ps of Marketing And How They Apply To Today’s Digital World

Posted by Adam Hyland

12 May

The 4 Ps of Marketing, the so-called Marketing Mix, has been around and followed loyally for almost 60 years, but can a principle that old really be applied to today’s rapidly changing marketing environment? Can such a ‘magic mix’ of Product, Placement, Price and Promotion, established a decade before we first landed on the Moon, be relevant in today’s world of super-connectivity, of always online consumerism and multiple device demands, of digital marketing as we know it today?

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The 10 Ways Social Media Marketing Gets your Software Start-up to Its Marketing Objectives

Posted by Ross Lauder

08 October

Software start-ups must utilise integrated marketing communications if they want to get off the ground, and reach both their short-term and long-term marketing objectives. Yet many are not utilising social media to its full potential. Learn the ten ways in which social media marketing can get your company where it needs to go.

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Your Integrated Marketing Communications, Do You Report?

Posted by Ross Lauder

26 June

Attractive Reporting: The Final Step in Your Integrated Marketing Communications

So you want to add some credibility to your marketing department? It’s always been easy to set marketing objectives, but in the past marketing has been a difficult department to report on, mostly due to the fact that the work was deemed intangible, and so as a result marketing reports fell between the cracks. However, things have changed. Today it is simple enough to collect data and tie dollars earned to marketing initiatives. This gives marketers the chance to prove their worth, but also demands accountability. Marketing reports are not only of use to senior management, but can also be used to great effect within their own department. So how do you provide information in a way that’s going to stand you in good stead? It’s actually simple enough and as a result can be done on a regular basis. Here’s a four-step guide to creating the perfect monthly report:

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Five Signs You Need a Social Media Consultant

Posted by Ross Lauder

25 June

Social media marketing is nothing new, but surprisingly, there are still a number of brands and businesses who are not tapping into the infinite
the potential of social media in reaching a wider audience. It’s understandable that not everyone has a full grasp of what social media marketing is all about. This is where a social media consultant comes in. But whatever you decide make sure you quantify the reasons you are actually doing it in the first place, oh and make sure you tie it to a GOAL and a revenue GOAL at that! Make sure it's also aligned to your overall marketing objectives.

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Smarketing, Aligning Marketing Objectives in a Volatile Relationship

Posted by Ross Lauder

22 June


Sales and Marketing Objectives 2.0

It’s not just a made-up word, there is a genuine concept behind the term, with a profitable meaning. As I touched on in my article: Social Media: RawNumbers & Your Integrated Marketing Communications Plan, Smarketing is based around transparency and alignment between Sales and Marketing objectives. Novel concept I know, as in they should actual communicate but it focuses on Sales teams being able to see, align, articulate and compensate along the same lines as Marketing, and vice versa. Through this integrated marketing communications comes coordination between two departments that have always had the tendency to buck heads. I continue to be surprised by the number of businesses who would seem to be in business despite themselves.

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A Crash Course on Your Positioning Strategy

Posted by Ross Lauder

17 June

This Is Literally The Work "No one" Will Do Before, During or After a Launch!

No matter how big or small you are, a detailed plan of action for positioning should be a key component of your marketing strategy. In essence, positioning is a concept that determines where your brand or products places in the industry relative to your target market and competitors.

For example, Old Navy is an American apparel brand that is moderately priced and targets customers from mid to lower income brackets. Louis Vuitton on the other hand, is a luxury brand that targets upper mid to high income brackets. These two brands operate within the same industry but their positions in that industry are vastly different.

A positioning strategy therefore can help your company in creating a marketing strategy that would be more effective in reaching your intended audience and in turn, have higher sales conversions. Unfortunately, not everyone makes this investment. If this is your first time hearing about positioning strategy, let walk through the basics.

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3 Ways a CMS Portal Can Help Your Marketing Strategy

Posted by Ross Lauder

16 June

A content management system (CMS) portal can be a useful tool in ensuring that your marketing strategy is executed seamlessly. Here you’ll find the three most important ways how. 

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Social Media & Your Integrated Marketing Communications Plan

Posted by Ross Lauder

10 June

Does your Business need Social Media to reach Marketing Objectives?

It may be something that scares you, it maybe something that doesn’t interest you at all, it may even be something you know nothing about, unfortunately for you, it’s something you will have to acclimatize to, and sooner rather than later. Over the past 5 years, social media has begun to redefine the way companies operate in their given market place. Recent stats show 46% of online customers look to social media when making a purchase and that 8 out of 10 SMB’s engage with customers via social media platforms. Although these statistics show you that your business probably should be using social media as a marketing tool, they don’t give a fair indication as to how many businesses are butchering their presence, nor do they tell you how to avoid such failures. Whether you’re wondering were it all went wrong or looking to jump in the social media pool, these three steps will ensure you have a strong foundation to build on in the future. Our recent post covers how to set up a social media strategy in 8 simple steps but first lets dive deeper into the numbers.

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6 Web Design tips to Nail Your Online Marketing Objectives

Posted by Ross Lauder

09 June

Time To Adjust Your Digital Marketing Solutions

Many business owners become complacent over the years with their marketing strategies. Their offline promotional strategies – billboards, flyers, direct mail campaigns – have become their marketing comfort zone. Online presence is oftentimes overlooked, with company websites simply existing for the sake of giving out contact information. But with the advances in the mobile technology, more and more users are online all the time. Having a functional website that your customers can access whenever they need to is so important that the link between web design and a company’s marketing objectives cannot be stressed enough.

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4 Crucial Criteria in Outsourcing to a Digital Marketing Agency

Posted by Ross Lauder

05 June

1. Actually define what successful Marketing Objectives looks like

Marketing can be one of the most intimidating fields for a beginner to tackle but you will have to define what you want, i.e. your actual success factors. If you've recently created a product or website and want it to become successful, you're going to need that product marketed to an audience that will invest their time or money into it. However, marketing isn't as simple as standing on a street corner twirling a cardboard sign to catch the attention of incoming traffic. There are a lot of paths to consider when marketing a product or website, and if you're inexperienced with bringing recognition to a new idea, you may find the whole process incredibly overwhelming if you want it to be done right. This is where a marketing company will come in handy; the right marketing company should have little-to-no trouble getting your product recognition so you can bring in traffic and start profiting.

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