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4 Crucial Criteria in Outsourcing to a Digital Marketing Agency

1. Actually define what successful Marketing Objectives looks like

Marketing can be one of the most intimidating fields for a beginner to tackle but you will have to define what you want, i.e. your actual success factors. If you've recently created a product or website and want it to become successful, you're going to need that product marketed to an audience that will invest their time or money into it. However, marketing isn't as simple as standing on a street corner twirling a cardboard sign to catch the attention of incoming traffic. There are a lot of paths to consider when marketing a product or website, and if you're inexperienced with bringing recognition to a new idea, you may find the whole process incredibly overwhelming if you want it to be done right. This is where a marketing company will come in handy; the right marketing company should have little-to-no trouble getting your product recognition so you can bring in traffic and start profiting.

Posted by Ross Lauder - CRO
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Google is Changing

Google analytics has become a key factor for many businesses in getting the most out of your website, online sales and marketing efforts.

Posted by Anna
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Critical Marketing Metrics to help reach Marketing Objectives

When it comes to marketing metrics that matter, you need to include the data that deals with the total cost of marketing, salaries, overhead, revenue, and customer acquisitions.

Posted by Anna
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What Marketing Metrics to Check & How to Improve them.

As there is more much information out there, it’s important to understand where and how you need to improve to achieve your goals. Online Marketing Metrics are vital for a business to succeed and build a strong online marketing presence

Check Blog Views

Tracking the number of views you get per blog post is great way to get quick feedback on your blog articles. You're more likely to get a higher view count if you picked a topic your audience liked and wanted to share. If you are not measuring these views, then ensure your Google Analytics is setup to measure each new post. To do this you will need to create a report that will analyse the data.

Posted by Hillary Lyons
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Marketing Metrics - Why Bother?

Marketing Metrics cover the metrics that concern both your website and your social media activity. Essentially, marketing metrics measure what people are doing with the material posted to your website and to your social media accounts, and this is invaluable data. The results of the marketing metrics should help inform everything you do online, from  the future of your promotional campaigns, to the your social media platforms.

So, lets see why exactly marketing metrics are important to your business.

Bottom Line Reality
Marketing campaigns of any sort require funding for all businesses, whether a team of designers are behind your latest offer, or one marketing specialist - marketing costs time and money. Measuring the impact of those marketing campaigns will provide the essential data you need to evaluate the cost of each campaign versus the revenue each campaign brings in. Consider these four marketing metrics when planning and evaluating your next marketing plan:

Lead conversion
This percentage results from the amount of sales you make from your leads following a marketing campaign. For example -  20 sales from 100 leads means a 20% lead conversion rate. Knowing your lead conversion rate will help you improve the content you offer to leads, and the kind of leads that will result in sales for your future campaigns.

CAC - Customer Acquisition Cost
This metric determines the cost of gaining each new additional customer. This number can help you plan budgets for marketing campaigns, and then judge their success. As your business grows, your CAC figures should reduce over time.

ROI - Your Return on Investment
This percentage is a great way to help you make sense of your figures. Basically, your ROI lets you know if your money is being spent effectively. This figure is your revenue made as a result of a marketing campaign, minus the cost of the marketing campaign, then divided by the cost again.

All of these marketing metrics will allow you determine the value of your marketing efforts and over time help you to more effectively target your customer base. They will also enhance the reports that your managers and execs need to know. Use these metrics to build up marketing campaigns to showcase the total cost of marketing, salaries, overhead, revenue, and customer acquisitions.

To discover the effective Metric formulas, download our eBook:

Posted by Hillary Lyons
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