Why Email Is Still Your Best Friend In Digital Marketing

Posted by Adam Hyland

27 March

Best friends are great. No matter what happens in life, how many new friends you meet and spend time with, no matter how long it is since you last saw them, the true mark of a best friend is that you can return to them at any stage and simply pick up where you left off. They will always be reliable, will help you out, and make you a better person. When it comes to digital marketing, email is that best friend.

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The Art of Storytelling & How To Use It In Your Lead Generation Strategy

Posted by Adam Hyland

24 February

An interesting column about Harrison Ford in the Guardian last week spoke of his numerous near-death scrapes over the years. Having narrowly avoided crashing the small plane Ford was, appropriately, flying solo, the column likened the Star Wars actor’s life to that of Dick Van Dyke. The comparison was made because of the latter’s numerous lucky escapes and recalled a time when an elderly Van Dyke fell asleep on his surfboard and drifted out to sea. In an incident as bizarre as it was compelling, the Mary Poppins star was saved when a pod of porpoises nudged him back to safety.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Digital Marketing, content creation, lead generation, lead generation tactics, video content for lead generation, inbound digital marketing, storytelling in organic content

Lead Generation Lessons From Our First Inbound Digital Marketing Workshop

Posted by Adam Hyland

31 January

Our first Inbound Marketing Workshop took place last week at the Hilton Charlemont in Dublin 2, and we were delighted with the reception we got from many enthusiastic and enterprising attendees who got there bright and early to hear what we had to say.

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A Christmas Tale: Why a Single CTA Works Best as a Lead Generation Tactic

Posted by Adam Hyland

06 January

I learned a valuable lesson over the festive period. No, it wasn’t the true meaning of Christmas, and I wasn’t brought on a life-changing metaphysical journey by three ghosts, but it was interesting nevertheless.

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