Never Mind The Buzzwords: The Jarring Jargon That Needs To Go (And The Ones I Just Made Up)

Posted by Adam Hyland

12 September

(This blog post stems from our editor's over-zealous devotion to the English language and does not reflect our attitude to digital marketing in general, just those pieces of jargon he constantly gives out to us for using)

When you have the bandwidth to growth-hack your enterprise to move the needle and hit your KPIs with deliverables that prove ROI, can you revert with bleeding edge solutions to capture the low hanging fruit? That might make sense to seasoned digital marketers, but many potential clients are likely to respond with: ‘What? What? And, erm… What?’

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Topics: communication in marketing, buzzwords to stop using, marketing buzzwords, marketing jargon, real and fake marketing jargon, language in marketing

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