Want to Trump Your Competition? What Digital Marketers Need to Keep In Mind

Posted by Adam Hyland

20 January

And so the big day has come. After what seems like an eternity of bold statements, power plays and possibly a little outside influence, Donald Trump will today finally be sworn in as the latest president of the United States. He will become arguably the most powerful man in the world, lording over the largest economy on the planet, and he got there using his unique, sometimes offensive, always eye-catching self-promotional style.

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Big Insights & Breakfast Bites at Our Upcoming Inbound Marketing Workshop

Posted by Ken Lanigan

16 January

As the only HubSpot Platinum Agency in Ireland, we at Get Focused are constantly striving to provide great inbound marketing solutions to our growing number of clients. However, not only do we try to avoid resting on our laurels, but we also want to engage with other like-minded businesses, agencies, movers and shakers to pass on the insights, advice and experiences we have gained. We are good like that.

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The Biggest Challenge to Overcome in Your 2017 Digital Marketing Strategy

Posted by Adam Hyland

04 January

Here’s an interesting stat for you: The amount of online content produced in 2016 was 64 times the volume of the entire web in 2005, according to this web page. ‘Jaw dropping’ as so many sensationalist websites might say. Here’s another stat: On average, 4.6billion pieces of content are published every single day, with 83,000 blogs posted every hour. That’s a lot of content.

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