Do You Need a Social Media Consultant?

Posted by Ross Lauder

01 June

What Is The Function of Social Media?

If your business is already up and running, you yourself would know how important having the best marketing solution is. Because you’re not the only one in this world with product X or service Y, differentiating yourself from your competitors and constantly evolving your marketing strategy is vital. Chances are, you’re already doing some form of mass marketing, be it distributing flyers or sending out email blasts. But today that is really not good enough mass marketing can in fact mean mass destruction of your brand. Thought is still required, I see people still using a “Spray and Pray” approach, that is let’s just through mud at the wall and hope that something sticks.

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Best Practices for Social Media

Posted by Tara McGarrigle

04 February

Social Media is used by many businesses as an effective digital marketing strategy in order to attract visitors to their sites and convert them into leads. It is an ever expanding platform that can be used to engage leads but also potential customers as well. In addition, social media can be used to delight customers as well as address issues promptly to keep customers happy.

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'Facebook at Work' in the Works

Posted by Anna

18 November

Have you heard the news yet?

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