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Why Email Is Still Your Best Friend In Digital Marketing

Best friends are great. No matter what happens in life, how many new friends you meet and spend time with, no matter how long it is since you last saw them, the true mark of a best friend is that you can return to them at any stage and simply pick up where you left off. They will always be reliable, will help you out, and make you a better person. When it comes to digital marketing, email is that best friend.

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How to create great emails and newsletters your target market will want to read

Our recent blog outlining why email is still the most effective digital marketing tool available to you discussed how what many in the era of social media see as an outdated approach, is still king. Email works 40 times better at getting customers than social media, offers a 17% higher conversion rate, and is the single most effective way to build relationships with customers. Long live the king!

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