Building A Successful Conversion Path To Generate Leads From Your Online Content

Posted by Adam Hyland

16 March

Maintaining a website has become a necessity for every business in today’s world of online consumers armed with a wealth of information and resources to find what they want, how they can overcome their challenges, and the people they want to get products, services or solutions from.

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Topics: buyer personas, digital marketing strategy, landing pages, lead generation, CTAs, digital marketing campaign, thank you pages, conversion path, buyer's journey

9 Scary Digital Marketing Mistakes that Will Give You Nightmares

Posted by Adam Hyland

27 October

It’s almost that time of year again - Halloween - when the dead walk amongst the living (apart from every Monday morning in our office), so we thought we would bring you some of the scarier digital marketing mistakes that send shivers down our spines and send us screaming into the night. Read on, if you dare…

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Topics: Lead gen, content creation, digital marketing strategy, analysis, CTA, digital marketing mistakes, organic content, landing pages, lead generation, Effective Web Design For Lead Gen

Where in the world?: Why Google Wants Your Location and What Businesses Need to Know

Posted by Adam Hyland

25 October

I’m not sure when it started, but Google has persisted in asking me to specify my location roughly every fifth time I open the search engine. Like my poor mother when I was a teenager, they really want to know where I am and what I’m up to, but I know it’s not out of idle curiosity.

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Topics: Lead gen, content creation, digital marketing strategy, Google ID location, geo-targeting, location ID, lead generation

Why a positive customer experience is key to your digital marketing strategy

Posted by Adam Hyland

14 October

One of the first nuggets of information to come out of the 3XE Digital Conference held at Croke Park in Dublin yesterday was that 90% of consumers are influenced in their purchasing decisions by online reviews.

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Topics: Lead gen, social media marketing, online consumer behaviour, digital marketing strategy, positive user experience, online experience, lead generation, Lead Gen For Business

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