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Why email is still king for lead generation and sales in a digital marketing strategy

When it comes to digital marketing, social media is great. That’s pretty much agreed, right? The exponential growth of your target market and the promotion of your online content through all the bells and whistles Facebook, Twitter and the like can offer mean that many digital marketers see these platforms as the best way to go, a golden ticket to the promised land of increased customer engagement and leads for your business.

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CRMs: The foundation of a solid SaaS stack

Check out the first post in our guest blog series from PieSync: How to Create a Solid SaaS Stack for Marketing Agencies

Part 1: CRMs: The foundation of a solid SaaS stack

It goes without saying that agencies thrive on client relationships, but as an agency you might be reluctant to spend money on technology for yourself, rather than your clients.

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Measure success in your digital marketing strategy - objectives for your sales funnel

How do you define success? Minds smarter than ours have come up with some great definitions, such as American author Gene Fowler, who said that success is ‘a toy balloon among children armed with pins,’ or Woody Allen, who said it is ‘80% showing up’.

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Think You're Cut Out to Meet Marketing Objectives for Luxury Goods?

Chinese tourists make up a large market as more and more prefer to do their luxury shopping overseas. For companies and brands who want to attract Chinese tourists, it is essential to come up with effective online marketing objectives. Chinese people rely heavily on online platforms like social networks and online newspapers for information, which indicates that a brand or company has a higher possibility of attracting Chinese tourists if they offer a great online shopping experience.

Posted by Yanxin Zhang
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