Building The Pain Mountain: The Successful Digital Marketing Agency Approach To Retainers – Part 1

Posted by Clodagh Higgins

16 June

We all have a friend who doesn’t take our advice. Even though we may be knowledgeable about the challenges they face, have some great insights into the problem, and can offer any number of workable solutions, they still don’t heed, or even want that advice. It’s frustrating, right?

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Topics: Digital Marketing Agency, digital marketing agency help, digital marketing agencies, agency proposals, how an agency can win retainers, build a pain mountain for clients

The 4 Ps of Marketing And How They Apply To Today’s Digital World

Posted by Adam Hyland

12 May

The 4 Ps of Marketing, the so-called Marketing Mix, has been around and followed loyally for almost 60 years, but can a principle that old really be applied to today’s rapidly changing marketing environment? Can such a ‘magic mix’ of Product, Placement, Price and Promotion, established a decade before we first landed on the Moon, be relevant in today’s world of super-connectivity, of always online consumerism and multiple device demands, of digital marketing as we know it today?

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Topics: Marketing Mix, digital marketing agencies, SEO best practices, 4 Ps of marketing, modern marketing mix, pricing for SMEs, today's marketing mix, product placement promotion price, inbound digital marketing mix, pricing policy for business

5 Reasons Why Digital Marketers Should Go To The Next Web Conference

Posted by Adam Hyland

09 May

This year’s Next Web summit is approaching and will offer digital marketers a great chance to stay ahead of the curve regarding the tools, tips and advice needed to maintain an effective online marketing strategy. The many industry-leading speakers, the networking opportunities and the chance for your business to get noticed by investors… there are so many reasons why you should think about attending. Here, we give you five of the best.

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Topics: digital marketing agencies, HubSpot Inbound summit, digital marketing lessons, TNW summit, digital marketing workshops, The Next Web, The Next Web Conference

Marketing Agency Success Tips From The Comfort Of Your Desk: Digital Agency Day

Posted by Adam Hyland

08 March

Times have never been more exciting, or busy, for digital marketing agencies. Simply keeping up with ever-evolving technology and how it is being applied to the online marketing world is a full-time job in itself, not to mention the actual day to day operation of inbound strategies for your clients to help them increase website traffic and generate leads.

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Topics: Digital Marketing, digital marketing agency help, digital marketing agencies, digital marketing lessons, digital marketing agency day, Digital Agency Day, virtual digital marketing events

Closure On Disclosure? New Blogging Guidelines Want Honesty As The Best Policy

Posted by Adam Hyland

26 January

You may have seen it in the news this week: Irish bloggers will now have to openly and immediately declare that content they are writing on behalf of a brand, and for which they are being paid, is in fact, an advertisement.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Digital Marketing, blogging, social media marketing, digital marketing agencies, blog writing tips, blog writing best practice, blogger code of conduct, ASAI, paid for advertising, paid for content

The Top Takeaways and Ideas from Inbound 2016: What Leading Inbound Marketers Thought

Posted by Ken Lanigan

29 November

While we took a lot of inspiration and great tips and ideas away from Inbound 2016, it is always useful to discover what other digital marketing agencies and companies looking to develop their online marketing strategy take away from such events.

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Topics: Hubspot, Lead gen, web design, digital marketing agencies, lead generation, Inbound 2016, Lead Gen For Business, agency

HubSpot Updates to Help With Those Blogging Lightbulb Moments (Or Lack Of Them)

Posted by Adam Hyland

15 November

Inbound 2016 gave HubSpot the chance to unveil several new products last week, appealing to a wide range of both digital marketing agencies and businesses looking to increase their lead generation and conversion rates with great content.

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Topics: blogging, Lead gen, content creation, HubSpot tools, digital marketing agencies, HubSpot Content Strategy Tool, HubSpot Collect tool, lead generation, Effective Web Design For Lead Gen, Lead Gen For Business

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