Coming Up with Content Ideas for Your Inbound Marketing Strategy Doesn’t Have to be Scary this Halloween

Posted by Adam Hyland

30 October

For content creators, coming up with new ideas for blogs can be a harrowing and scary proposition, and not just because it is Halloween. With only two months left to go in the calendar year, you have had ten months of constant brainstorming, writing and re-writing, and at this stage you may feel drained of inspiration and walking slowly into a graveyard of the mind. What else can you possibly write about? How do you come up with that killer content over and over again?

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, content creation, blog content, organic content, content marketing, creating great content

A Christmas Tale: Why a Single CTA Works Best as a Lead Generation Tactic

Posted by Adam Hyland

06 January

I learned a valuable lesson over the festive period. No, it wasn’t the true meaning of Christmas, and I wasn’t brought on a life-changing metaphysical journey by three ghosts, but it was interesting nevertheless.

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Topics: Lead gen, web design, CTA, lead generation, Call to Action, lead generation tactics, content marketing, Effective Web Design For Lead Gen, Marketing Agency Best Practices, agency

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