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The new AdWords search results works for Google, but creating great content with inbound marketing works better

The recent changes Google made to Adwords has caused a bit of hand-wringing in the digital marketing world, with many wondering what effect the repositioning of ads on the platform will have on the effectiveness of paid and organic searches.

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4 Reasons Why Pay-Per-Click is not Right For Your Business, and what to do instead

Imagine, if you will, you open a bar. You’re fully stocked and ready for business. The big sign over the front door is bringing lots of people in – lots of traffic. Great. The problem is, not everybody who comes in stays. Some just take a quick look and leave, while others stay a while, but don’t buy anything. In fact, very few people buy a drink at all – only a tiny percentage. On top of that, for every person who walks through the door, you have agreed to hand over some money to another company. Does that sound like a good business strategy to you? Me neither.

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Get the most from your internet marketing agency to achieve your digital marketing objectives

You’ve faced the inevitable – your business needs to grow its online presence – but not everybody has the skills, expertise and personnel to create and maintain an effective digital marketing strategy that will increase brand awareness, online traffic and engagement, and ultimately bring in new customers. The smart move is to work with an internet marketing agency that can operate and oversee the many different facets required to meet your marketing objectives.

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How videos drive website traffic to boost online marketing objectives

The internet is crowded, and it’s only going to get busier. This year, global internet traffic will be 64 times the volume of the entire web in 2005. Getting your website noticed, therefore, is a difficult task. Not only do you need to attract visitors, but you must be able to hold the attention of your audience and show that you can provide the solutions to their life challenges and problems, and that makes it even more difficult. Content marketers need to come up with fresh, innovative, interesting and entertaining ways to attract visitors to their content, and the current trend seems to be the use of video.

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Why Inbound Marketing will help your Startup meet its Marketing Objectives

You won’t be a successful start-up unless you meet your marketing objectives. The good news is that in today’s technological world there are a million and one ways to get your brand in front of potential customers. The challenge is honing in and figuring out which of these ways are the best ones for your company. Whether you’re focusing on how to promote your blog or how to boost your Twitter followers, inbound marketing will play an integral part.

Posted by Ross Lauder - CRO
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