Recruitment Agencies Are Dead: How to Find Your Next Hire on LinkedIn

Posted by Adam Hyland

27 September

Every inbound agency wants to grow, but with that growth comes the need to find the right people to help you achieve the success you are aiming for. Those people need to not only fit into your agency culture, but bring the right level of skill, know-how and expertise to the table, and finding them, let alone onboarding them, can be a tough HR headache you don’t always have time for.

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Culture Is Not Just For Yoghurt: Why Your Agency Needs A Code To Deliver Inbound Marketing Strategies

Posted by Clodagh Higgins

25 July

Your company is going to have a culture whether you want it or not, so you may as well make it a great one. Bad company culture leads to disaffected team members, fast turnover of staff, and a general lack of enthusiasm for the job at hand. That not only leads to a bad working environment, but ultimately to poor performance. If team members don’t feel they are part of something great, it will show in what they produce. That way lies unhappy customers or clients.

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Topics: Digital Marketing Agency, company culture, creating an agency culture, agency culture, agency culture code, creating a company culture, good culture means good business, agency benefits, inbound marketing agency, advice for inbound agencies

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