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The Biggest Challenge to Overcome in Your 2017 Digital Marketing Strategy

Here’s an interesting stat for you: The amount of online content produced in 2016 was 64 times the volume of the entire web in 2005, according to this web page. ‘Jaw dropping’ as so many sensationalist websites might say. Here’s another stat: On average, 4.6billion pieces of content are published every single day, with 83,000 blogs posted every hour. That’s a lot of content.


On the one hand, these stats show that digital content is booming, and the need for every business to have an online presence is vital. On the other hand, they show that it is becoming increasingly difficult for a company’s digital marketing department, or the digital marketing agency they employ, to successfully stand out from the crowd, to be heard above the deafening din of competition, and to attract their target audience and turn those visitors into leads and potential customers.

Getting visitors to your site is great, but it’s only one part of the battle. You must also be able to keep that visitor’s attention, and channel them through the buyer journey without losing their interest, offering them useful and relevant information at the right time in their journey. While it’s not exactly a minefield to traverse, it is tricky.

While there will be many challenges in the year ahead as technology develops and changes at a rapid rate and we try our best to keep up to date with the latest apps, software and industry trends, getting that content out there is still the biggest task, because without content, digital marketing objectives come to nothing.

struggling-to-write-blog-content-for-digital-marketing-objectives.gifIf you have had trouble building traffic to your website, or converting those that do visit into leads, you are not alone, because creating the right content for the right people at the right time, consistently, is still the biggest challenge businesses will face in the New Year.

Showing the problems you might face without offering a solution would be akin to seeing a man drowning and merely describing the water to him, so we also include a few suggestions on how to overcome those content creation and lead generation difficulties and make 2017 a successful digital marketing year for you.  

Getting through the engagement party

We mentioned above the frightening volume of content that is already out there on the internet, and there is only going to be more. Much more. Not just that, but there will be more that is heavily targeted towards specific audiences, with professional digital marketers using all of their skills to identify and market towards them.

That means that your own brand or business faces a difficult task in even getting noticed, or found in an online search. You need that content to not only be found, but to promote engagement - to be shared, liked, commented on, not just on your blog itself, but on your social media, so that it reaches as many people as possible.

get-noticed-with-your-inbound-digital-marketing-content-to-promote-your-brand.gifIn order to get consumers to engage with your content, it needs to be of a high quality, it needs to be focused on the challenges and needs of your target audience, and it has to be both useful and relevant. Organic content is still the king because studies show a huge number of people are now ignoring paid for advertising copy, making it a far more viable option than Pay per Click.

Put simply, your content needs to appeal to your target audience more than any other content, so research who they are and what they will search for, create buyer personas that help focus your strategy, and then figure out how you can portray that you understand these challenges and can then offer them a solution.

Getting that promotion

Once you have that great content, you need to promote the hell out of it across your social media platforms, and reach out to influencers whose audience might also find your content helpful. If someone gives you a positive review, share it not only on your site in a dedicated review section, but on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or whatever platforms you use, so that others can see how you have provided a positive customer experience, because good reviews are a huge influence on people’s purchasing decisions.

Don’t just rely on that content being found: send it directly to segmented and targeted email recipients, because email is still the frontrunner when it comes to lead conversion.

give-clear-buyer-journey-path-on-your-website-to-make-your-content-effective.gifIt’s also important to make sure that once a visitor does land on your site, they are brought effectively through the buyer journey and are given a positive user experience that brings them easily where they want to go for the content they want to see. Don’t leave them not knowing which way to go like poor He-Man here. Every facet of your website needs to be optimised and tailored towards this so that it serves not just as the place where people can find information about your brand, but as your number one salesperson.

Put clear and easy to see CTAs relevant to your content on every blog and web page, and give each of these a clear landing page that provides further useful information via downloads, offers, etc, while capturing visitor information so that you can target them even more effectively with more content.

Of course, implementing all of this into your digital marketing strategy is not easy, and can be a drain on time and resources, but luckily there is help out there and many businesses benefit greatly from hiring a digital marketing agency who can bring their expertise, industry know-how and tools to the table.

To find out how Get Focused can help you attract more visitors to your online content and meet your marketing objectives by generating leads that will see your business grow, give us a call and download our Lead Generation Survival Kit:

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Adam Hyland - Chief Editor

Adam Hyland - Chief Editor

Adam is the most vital link between your message and your audience, ensuring your tone is on brand and optimised for engagement.

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