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Stop The (Bench) Presses! We Welcome Home Our Record Breaker

We've started the week off strong as we welcome back our illustrious leader today from the 100% Raw European Championships in Cork . . . carrying her 1st place medal in Bench Press and a World Record in Strict Curl Press.
2017-07-10 16.02.37.jpg
Pictured: The Get Focused team, from left: Ross Lauder, Karolina Zagata, Clodagh Higgins & Ken Lanigan
Our CEO Ken Lanigan says: "Clodagh Higgins has been one of my great friends for a very long time. It was always a plan that we would eventually work together and now after many years we have Get Focused, which Clodagh set up and asked me to join. There are lots of reasons why she is so good at everything she does but her latest achievement really does elevate her to 'superstar' status.
"Two years ago Clodagh decided to become a female powerlifter. I asked her why and she laughed and said: 'Why not?' On Saturday, Clodagh Samantha Higgins represented Ireland in an international competition and set a new world record for female power lifting. There is nothing more to say. She is an inspiration to all of us here at Get Focused."   
Clodagh started powerlifting competitively in January 2016 and qualified for Team Ireland in the Nationals in February 2017. Organised by the IDFPA, the first 100% Raw European Powerlifting Championships were held at the weekend in Ringaskiddy in Cork and saw more than 60 female and male competitors.
This first event of its kind in Europe also attracted guest lifters from the USA.
"I found having a hobby like powerlifting has had a positive impact in all other aspects of my life and gives me the energy to be involved in both my agency Get Focused and with the Growit Group too," Clodagh says.
Clodagh is now eligible for the 100% Raw World Championships in the USA in October, which she has already started planning her training program for. We wish her the best of luck, and look forward to her bringing home more medals. 


Adam Hyland - Chief Editor

Adam Hyland - Chief Editor

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