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Recruitment Agencies Are Dead: How to Find Your Next Hire on LinkedIn

Every inbound agency wants to grow, but with that growth comes the need to find the right people to help you achieve the success you are aiming for. Those people need to not only fit into your agency culture, but bring the right level of skill, know-how and expertise to the table, and finding them, let alone onboarding them, can be a tough HR headache you don’t always have time for.


Once upon a time you could file a vacant position with a recruitment agency and be fairly confident they would deliver a number of qualified candidates to your door. Those days are gone. The recruitment agency as a resource for new hires is more or less dead when it comes to the world of digital marketing.

Nowadays, anybody who is anybody is working through LinkedIn to find the right people to join their inbound team. As the largest social media platform aimed at business professionals, it stands to reason that business or agency owners and potential candidates alike are going to be hoisting their flag and hoping somebody salutes on LinkedIn. Put simply, it’s about fishing where you know the fish are.

LinkedIn_for_business_networking_to_generate_leads_tips_on_introduction_messages_from_get_focused.jpgOther social platforms may show you that a candidate has a strong online presence, but it is likely that it is on LinkedIn that you can find information about their work experience, skills, knowledge of the industry and interaction with peers. Their entire account is one big CV or business card, and it’s right there, available to view, so you can make reliable assessments of their suitability for your team.

But how do you go about finding your next great employee on LinkedIn? Here’s a few easy ways to let the world know you are hiring and ensure you get the best candidates coming to you.

Before you start looking for the ideal candidate, you do of course need to make sure you present your agency in the best possible light and show that yours is the ideal agency for them to work with. If you haven’t already done so, as this blog from the undercover recruiter explains, you need to build a solid and enticing profile that includes a professional image that reflects who you are, a headline that explains what you do (rather than who you are), and an interesting summary detailing accomplishments, plans and what you can offer your team members. This summary should also include contact details.

As with your website, keywords are important, so make sure the right ones are on your profile, again explaining what you do and where you are – for example, ‘Inbound Agency Dublin’. You can also customise your URL so that you are found more easily in searches.

When all of this is done, it’s time to start looking for that great candidate.


Firstly, and most simply, you should post a status update on your feed every few days letting your network know that you have a particular position available, whether it is in content creation, sales, project management or SEO. Your network is made up of your peers, so they will know your industry, what the role may entail, and hopefully, a few people who may be interested and would be a good fit. If your peers ‘Like’ the post, your message goes further, extending your reach.

Posting a similar message to your Company page will do the same job, but with jobseekers likely to be following it, you are tapping into a rich resource of talent looking for the very thing you are providing: the job they want.

It’s good to talk

Start discussions about the role in the various groups you belong to, and join other groups where you feel your potential candidates might be involved. For example, open a discussion on who creates the content in different organisations and the challenges faced by those tasked with this role. Those who show initiative, genuine interest and involvement will stand out, and how they act will give you a good indication of whether they will fit into the culture you have created at your agency.

Do advanced searches for people using different versions of the job title, and keywords relating to your industry, the skills required, location, etc, but also try using words such as ‘looking for’ or ‘seeking’ in order to zoom in on those people who are actively in pursuit of a new role. For example, you can search for people in your city who have HubSpot Inbound Certifications in their profile, and know that they have at least the inbound knowledge they would require to work with you.

It is also useful to enter your competitors’ names in the company section of an advanced search, under current or past, so you can see a person’s present work status and where they gained their experience.


Saving the searches you make (clicking on ‘Save search’, obviously), means you can not only return to those results, but LinkedIn will helpfully look for more potential new hires by regularly checking through your network and adding any newcomers.

LinkedIn also has a dedicated Jobs Board, and while it does cost you ($200) to post a job, using it to find your next great hire will almost certainly be worth it.

Once you have found a number of candidates, all you need to do is choose the one that will be the best fit for your agency. After that, the onboarding process is down to you.

Learn more about how Get Focused, the agency for agencies, can help you build a successful inbound agency by booking time with our expert sales and marketing coach Clodagh.

Talk to Clodagh

Clodagh is currently based in Dublin and is the a co-Director of Get Focused Ltd, the first Irish Platinum HubSpot Partner Agency. She's an accomplished inbound agency sales and marketing coach who has helped hundreds of agencies in the HubSpot Agency Partner Program since 2013, both in APAC and EMEA.


Adam Hyland - Chief Editor

Adam Hyland - Chief Editor

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