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Powerlifting for Ireland - Clodagh S.Higgins - In the press in the West

Clodagh did some interviews in her home town of Sligo . . . here is a collection of them.

Claire Ronan - Up and Running 2nd of September 2017

Sligo Now Cover .jpg Sligo Now 1.jpg











The Weekender.jpgThe Sligo Champion .jpg

You can follow Clodagh's journey through #44 on her Facebook, Blog and Instagram @QueenMaevev2

or email her on clodagh@getfocused.ie



Clodagh Higgins - Founder & Agency Growth Expert

Clodagh Higgins - Founder & Agency Growth Expert

Clodagh is the Get Focused founder and agency growth expert, having spent decades delivering for her own and other agencies across the globe.

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