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Marketing Agency Success Tips From The Comfort Of Your Desk: Digital Agency Day

Times have never been more exciting, or busy, for digital marketing agencies. Simply keeping up with ever-evolving technology and how it is being applied to the online marketing world is a full-time job in itself, not to mention the actual day to day operation of inbound strategies for your clients to help them increase website traffic and generate leads.

It is increasingly important to stay on top of things and have a finger on the pulse of current and future trends, but finding the time to hop on a bus, train or plane to get to a summit, conference or workshop to hear the latest from industry experts can be tricky, and that’s not even taking into consideration the cost.


That’s why Digital Agency Day, co-hosted by HubSpot and Unbounce, is such a great idea. A full day’s worth of demonstrations, talks and events about agency growth, trends and strategy, taking place on Thursday, March 16, it will help your agency learn what you need to do to successfully retain and grow your client base, and provide the digital marketing solutions required. But the best part is you can attend from the comfort of your own desk.

That’s right. No travel, no fuss, just a day of industry events, talks, demos and marketing agency tips that will help your agency get the most out of the digital marketing strategies you have put in place for your clients.

Digital agency professionals can join speakers from the world’s top agencies and agency partners as they share instructive and constructive tips through virtual classrooms on everything from analytics and reporting to growing retainers, from creating a new business strategy to overhauling your content marketing best practices, to optimising your conversion rates, plus a whole lot more.

Ok, so most of the events will be held during the US working day, which is 5 hours behind us on this side of the Atlantic, but they are worth staying around the office for, or at least tuning into at home.

Highlights include:

Rethinking Retainers & Other Pricing Issues by Win Without Pitching’s Blair Enns, in which he will look at how, contrary to the popular belief that retainers bring predictability to the cashflow of an agency, they can be detrimental. (1pm EST, 6pm GMT) By the way, keep an eye on our blog over the next week as we bring you great advice from our own inbound agency coach and consultant Clodagh Higgins.

TIPS_ON_SHOWING_ROI_TO_CLIENTS_FOR_DIGITAL_MARKETING_AGENCIES_AT_DIGITAL_AGENCY_DAY.jpg3 Strategies To Prove The ROI Of Social To Your Clients & Win More Business by Sprout Social’s Tara Robertson, in which Tara will explain the importance of measuring social activity and its return on investment. We always ask: If you don’t measure it, how can you prove it is working? And Tara will be showing three great strategies to ensure the best results and prove them to clients. (5pm EST, 10pm GMT)

Unifying Your Customer Journey: Unlocking The Power Of Cross-Device Marketing by Jesse Davis of AdRoll and Lee Goldberg of Vector Media. An effective digital marketing strategy for your client necessitates an integrated, multi-channel approach, but as consumer behaviour and online activity becomes more and more fragmented, this can be difficult to manage and turn into lead generation and conversion. Jesse and Lee will look at this issue and give tips on creating a manageable and successful cross-device marketing campaign. (7pm EST, Midnight GMT)

Marketing Your Agency: How To Exploit What Makes You Unique by Karla Morales Lee from The Art Of New Business. Competition in the digital agency world is intense, and is only getting stronger, so making sure you can stand out from the crowd and win new clients with a great positioning strategy is vital to your own success. Karla will look at how to identify and market what makes your agency not only different, but better than the rest. (6am EST, 11am GMT)


6 Reasons Agencies Fail At CRO & How To Make Sure Yours Doesn’t by Michael Aagard of Unbounce. Getting traffic to your client’s website is one thing, but once there, visitors need to convert to show real business results, and Conversion Rate Optimisation has been an important strategy for agencies as a result. But it is more complicated than that, and Michael will outline the mistakes agencies are making so you don’t have to. (2pm EST, 7pm GMT)

There will also be several great partner agencies giving talks throughout the day, and the highlights of these include:

50 Shades Of Feedback: Why Agencies Should ‘Speed Date’ Their Clients’ Customers by Danny Wajcman of Lucky Orange, in which he will share tips and tricks to solve conversion issues for your clients. (7am EST, noon GMT)

How To Package And Sell Email Marketing Services by Sarah McCredie of Campaign Monitor. With email by far the most successful digital marketing tool at an agency’s disposal, ensuring this is included in the package you deliver for clients is key to a successful campaign, and Sarah will guide you through advanced email marketing strategies and creative ways to integrate them into your overall service to get the results that you, and your client, are looking for. (8am EST, 1pm GMT)

how_video_helps_your_digital_marketing_agency_deliver_results_for_clients.jpg7 Marketing & Sales Problems Video Can Solve For Your Clients by Dee Dee de Kenessey & Mat Cronin of Wistia. We should all know by now the power of video in digital marketing, said to be worth 80,000 words of content, but getting it right and telling a compelling story is not as easy as it might be. The Wistia pair will talk you through the process of harnessing the pulling power of video to bring an audience through the sales funnel. (1pm EST, 6pm GMT)

You can register for any of the events at the Digital Agency Day site, or even host your own community event, but do make sure to tune in for some great tips on making your digital marketing agency as effective and efficient as it can be.

Following a day packed with informative events and talks, you can then turn your attention to the activities of the following day – St Patrick’s Day – when perhaps a little less constructive work will be done.


To find out how Get Focused, Ireland’s only platinum-rated HubSpot agency, can help you deliver the best digital marketing solutions to your clients, book a call with us. 



Adam Hyland - Chief Editor

Adam Hyland - Chief Editor

Adam is the most vital link between your message and your audience, ensuring your tone is on brand and optimised for engagement.

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