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1 Day At The Dublin Tech Summit: A Highlights Recap For Digital Marketers

We spoke last week about why digital marketers should attend the Dublin Tech Summit, and we weren’t disappointed with the first day’s great array of talks. Here’s 3 big takeaways we got from Day One that can teach us a lot about how to approach a digital marketing strategy and what you need to know about increasing consumer engagement and generating leads.


Video in the Mobile World

We are hearing it every day – video content is the way forward for digital marketing. And while this seems to be an undeniable truth, it is also important to remember that while video is replacing the written word in the popularity stakes, when it comes to the device upon which this content is viewed, mobile is replacing the laptop. This means that going hell for leather on producing videos will stand for nothing if those videos are not optimised for mobile.

Dion Magee, Head of Fashion UK for Facebook, took a look at how video is changing digital marketing strategies, how to increase online engagement, and how to catch the attention of consumers.

Dion spoke of how video in the mobile feed needs to:

  • Capture attention quickly – Eye-catching visuals can work well to grab attention, and there are plenty of tools out there that will help you create great video content. Hyperlapse, created by Instagram, is one great app that does what the name suggests, while Boomerang is also very useful and handy as a way to turn images into a looping video.
  • Be designed for sound off – not everyone wants everyone else on the bus or train to know what they are looking at and many will view videos with the sound off, so use subtitles and make the video obvious
  • Have options to play more – slideshows of still images, rewind video

how_tech_is_changing_fashion_and_how_it_applies_to_digital_marketing_dublin_tech_summit.gifHow Tech Is Changing The Fashion Industry

Amalia Agathou, Innovations Manager at XVIII, the innovation hub for Havas, and co-founder of Global Fashion Battle, a global incubation program for fashion/tech start-ups, gave a great talk on the big changes trending in the fashion industry.

While her talk spoke specifically about one industry, there were also lessons to be learned about digital marketing in general that could be applied to any sector. Indeed, the fashion industry is a useful example and indicator of how global business is changing overall.

For Amalia, the big trends she sees coming are:

  • Smart is the new fast – intelligent clothing using technology to design, instead of human brain power. Automation is a big issue in digital marketing, where we can now utilise chatbots, etc to engage with consumers, not only saving on resources but also ensuring we are able to respond to and deal with consumers on a global, timeless level
  • Clothes as an interface – voice wearables will allow consumers to interact with more than just their smartphone, laptop or tablet, while on the go. The opportunities present for digital marketers to engage with consumers on the move will be huge
  • Chain of transparency – Consumers want to see authenticity, quality assurance and sustainability. The fashion industry is the second biggest polluter of fresh water in the world, while counterfeiting costs European fashion industry more than €20billion every year, so brands want these things too. Developments in technology that allow you to track a garment’s journey from source material to finished product and outlet through a bar code will be a big plus for consumers.

We Are Living In A Thank You Economy

Gary Vaynerchuk (pictured) spoke about how the online consumer market of today has generated a thank you economy, where brands need to return to the practices of generations ago to show genuine and personalised customer care to promote a better customer experience.

Gary-Vaynerchuk-DUBLIN-TECH-SUMMIT.jpgIn an age of mass commercialisation and automation, the personal touch that makes a customer feel special and appreciated is in danger of fading away, but it has become ever more important because of this very move towards impersonal, global consumerism.

When we walk into a shop, we want to be treated as if our custom is valued, and though we are increasingly moving online to make our purchasing decisions, and our purchases, the sentiment remains the same. We want a positive customer experience.

How can you do this effectively within your digital marketing strategy?

Gary Vaynerchuk advises contextual storytelling within a platform that is currently underpriced but where a significant amount of consumer attention is drawn. Based on your buyer personas, it is up to you to research which platforms will work best for you.

He also advises documenting your journey as a business or brand to give consumers an idea of how you have grown as a group of people, as opposed to a faceless company.

One big message from Vaynerchuk was this: Stop complaining – nobody wants to hear your complaints about how hard your business is, or about negative feedback. Instead, you need to show your audience and potential customers how you deal with such adversity in a positive fashion. Bad reviews? Reach out to the consumer and ask how you can improve their experience, or better yet, offer them an innovative solution.

Being hands-on and fully engaged with your customer base is hard work, but this is something Vaynerchuk says is part and parcel of running a successful company. He advises getting down and dirty rather than just talking about the theory of good business practices, learning about and using the tools that will help you discover what people think of your business and how you can improve their experience of dealing with you. In essence, it means putting your head down and getting to work.

There were so many inspiring talks and presentations at the Dublin Tech Summit, so stay tuned for more insights and commentary on what we saw. In the meantime, if you want to learn how Get Focused can help your business increase website traffic and generate leads, book a call with us.



Clodagh Higgins - Founder & Agency Growth Expert

Clodagh Higgins - Founder & Agency Growth Expert

Clodagh is the Get Focused founder and agency growth expert, having spent decades delivering for her own and other agencies across the globe.

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