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Powerlifting for Ireland - Clodagh S.Higgins - In the press in the West

Posted by Clodagh Higgins

08 September

Clodagh did some interviews in her home town of Sligo . . . here is a collection of them.

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Topics: Powerlifting Ireland

The Pre-Sales Inbound Agency Model, or How To Drive Value Through Pre-Retainer Paid Services

Posted by Clodagh Higgins

21 August

Attracting potential clients and converting them into potential customers for your inbound marketing agency involves many hard-fought and challenging tasks, but that is only half the battle. You also need to secure the resources to make that happen.

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Topics: agency retainer model, inbound agency advice, pre-retainer paid services, pre-retainer agency services, pre-sales agency model, bringing value to agency clients

What Does An Inbound Agency 2.0 Look Like?

Posted by Clodagh Higgins

16 August

Inbound marketing is still a relatively new breed of animal, but in what is a fast-paced and constantly evolving industry, the concept of what an inbound agency is, and what it does, has also changed. We have now entered inbound agency 2.0 territory, with the more successful agencies not only fine-tuning the services they offer, but changing their focus to deliver better results for their clients.

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Topics: inbound marketing agency, Inbound agency version 2.0, assets of inbound agencies, creativity and collaboration, new approach for inbound agencies, future of inbound marketing

Culture Is Not Just For Yoghurt: Why Your Agency Needs A Code To Deliver Inbound Marketing Strategies

Posted by Clodagh Higgins

25 July

Your company is going to have a culture whether you want it or not, so you may as well make it a great one. Bad company culture leads to disaffected team members, fast turnover of staff, and a general lack of enthusiasm for the job at hand. That not only leads to a bad working environment, but ultimately to poor performance. If team members don’t feel they are part of something great, it will show in what they produce. That way lies unhappy customers or clients.

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Topics: Digital Marketing Agency, company culture, creating an agency culture, agency culture, agency culture code, creating a company culture, good culture means good business, agency benefits, inbound marketing agency, advice for inbound agencies

Return To Pain Mountain: The Successful Digital Marketing Agency Approach To Gaining Clients – Part 2

Posted by Clodagh Higgins

21 June

In our previous blog, we looked at some of the mistakes digital marketing agencies make when trying to secure new business from a potential client, and how they should rework their retainer model to outline plainly how they can help a business to grow through an effective marketing strategy that will increase the client’s website traffic and generate more leads.

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Topics: Digital Marketing Agency, digital marketing agency help, how an agency can win retainers, digital marketing agency advice, retaining clients for your agency, successful agency proposals

Building The Pain Mountain: The Successful Digital Marketing Agency Approach To Retainers – Part 1

Posted by Clodagh Higgins

16 June

We all have a friend who doesn’t take our advice. Even though we may be knowledgeable about the challenges they face, have some great insights into the problem, and can offer any number of workable solutions, they still don’t heed, or even want that advice. It’s frustrating, right?

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Topics: Digital Marketing Agency, digital marketing agency help, digital marketing agencies, agency proposals, how an agency can win retainers, build a pain mountain for clients

1 Day At The Dublin Tech Summit: A Highlights Recap For Digital Marketers

Posted by Clodagh Higgins

21 February

We spoke last week about why digital marketers should attend the Dublin Tech Summit, and we weren’t disappointed with the first day’s great array of talks. Here’s 3 big takeaways we got from Day One that can teach us a lot about how to approach a digital marketing strategy and what you need to know about increasing consumer engagement and generating leads.

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Topics: Digital Marketing, digital marketing lessons, inbound digital marketing, Dublin Tech Summit, video for mobile, Dion Magee, Amalia Agathou, Gary Vaynerchuk, thank you economy, tech and fashion, customer experience

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