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Adding Social Media To Integrated Marketing Communications

Social media has power to such an extent that it can cause revolutions or uprisings in countries, eventually leading to changes in government. Less dramatically, in the business world, social media has become the go-to tool for finding the real sentiment of consumers and end users.

Posted by Anna
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What Does an SEO Agency Offer a Modern Startup?

Running a successful start-up is all about visibility. Virtually all consumers and potential investors look to the internet and in particular search engines for answers and service-related inquiries every day. An enormous share of the market could easily be lost to your competitors if your online presence is weak. A streamlined approach to meeting your marketing objectives must be at the top of your priority list.  Part of this process is undoubtedly search engine optimisation.

Posted by Anna
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Why Your Startup May Need a Web Design Company?

Your target customer has read about your startup: in a blog, article, a promotional video, an infograph, or an interview you gave.

You let them know about your startup and what it is doing. Perhaps you shared your vision and team’s mission.

What will the potential customer do?Search for your startup.

You would have expected that, AND SO you decided to build a website where they can learn more.

Posted by Anna
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The 7 blog’s that will guide your mass communications in the right direction

Looking to take your mass communications or integrated marketing communications strategy to the next level? These seven marketing and technology startups have highly successful blogs that capture consumer attention, generate leads, and drive sales. What makes them so great? Let’s take a look.

Posted by Anna
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How Social Media Marketing Changed Mass Communications

Social media marketing can be simply defined as the process of building a customer base, driving more traffic, and selling products and ideas by using social media platforms. It’s quite different to traditional marketing - friendlier, more consumer-oriented, innovative. The rise of social media and its reach into all parts of the world gave origin to social media marketing, now considered the most way to reach marketing objectives.

Posted by Anna
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