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9 Scary Digital Marketing Mistakes that Will Give You Nightmares

It’s almost that time of year again - Halloween - when the dead walk amongst the living (apart from every Monday morning in our office), so we thought we would bring you some of the scarier digital marketing mistakes that send shivers down our spines and send us screaming into the night. Read on, if you dare…


1. You don’t know your market

‘Who’s there?’ the typical damsel in distress cries while peering out into the dark. You might be doing the same thing when trying to see those potential customers lurking in the shadows. Who are they? What do they want? What are their needs and challenges? And how can you provide the solutions they are looking for? To know, you need to create detailed buyer personas that will inform you of your target market, and allow you to create the content that will not only appeal to them, but attract them to your site and lead them into the sales funnel.


2. You never defined your goals

Don’t you hate it when you kill that vampire, only to find that your troubles won’t be over until you identify and destroy the head vampire? That’s because you didn’t define your goals. If you don’t know your KPIs, how can you measure success? Whether it’s increasing traffic to your website, converting visitors into leads, or turning leads into customers, you need to know what your digital marketing campaign is trying to do, and work towards that through the content you create.

digital_marketing_mistakes_to_give_you_nightmares_don't_rush_it.gif3. You haven’t given yourself enough time

We all know the scenario – we need to read aloud that passage from a secret book of the dead at the altar of the abandoned church, but the evil and ghostly hordes are slowly making their way towards you. Running out of time, you panic and splutter out the wrong verse rather than taking your time to do it properly. The results are not good. From our experience, even the best digital marketing campaign can take months to really bear fruit, especially if your business is starting from scratch with online marketing. While your boss, or your clients, may start to get jittery, it is important that they realise from the outset that building up an online consumer base involves patience, as this inbound.org blog explains, but that it does pay off in the long run.


Pay_per_click_will_see_budget_go_down_plughole_like_blood_scary_digital_marketing_mistakes.jpg4. You spent your budget on Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Did you figure that by paying out for PPC advertising you would reach more people with a strategically positioned piece of content, but now see your budget drain away like so much blood down the plughole? Just like a mother is a boy’s best friend, great organic content is the digital marketer’s. There are many reasons why PPC is not conducive to a good inbound marketing strategy, while creating content that attracts, converts and closes leads is the best way to stay alive as a business.

Is the prospect of creating an effective digital marketing strategy giving you the shivers? Who you gonna call?


5. You’re trying to target everybody and missing them all

Remember that head vampire? Get him and you get the results you wanted. Not literally of course, but your target market is the same. There’s no point trying to take care of every soul out there. If you know your buyer personas, you should know where they frequent online, what social media platforms they are on, what kind of thing they look up online, so focus on those. You don’t need to be everywhere, just where your target market is.


scary_digital_marketing_mistakes_that_give_nightmares_give_your_online_content_a_purpose.jpg6. Your content lacks direction

If you’re creating great material on your blog and website, that’s great, but is it like a lone teenager wandering through an eerie petrified forest, lacking direction and very quickly getting lost among the billions of branches that are online content? Aimless content creation doesn’t actually bring anybody any nearer to becoming a customer. If you have no links to specific information, no CTAs to bring people into your sales funnel, no Landing Pages to capture lead data and offer further relevant and useful information, you may be likely to face the axe.

7. Your content isn’t optimised

Ever wonder why no matter how hard you scream for help, nobody finds you? The purpose of your online content is to be found in search engines, but if you don’t have SEO, it won’t. You need to have all the elements of a killer website that works, and it needs to remember the growing audience using mobile devices.


don't_split_digital_marketing_stay_integrated_avoid_scary_digital_marketing_mistakes.gif8. You haven’t integrated all of your digital marketing platforms

You know the way that terrified but stoic group of young people always decide to split up, only to meet their demise? It’s the same with digital marketing. It’s important to not only stick together, but to know what each platform and each department is doing, and that’s where an integrated digital marketing strategy can save the day. A Content Management System, or better yet, HubSpot’s Content Optimisation System, works as your very own Mystery Machine to bring everything and everyone together on the same page, so that blogs, social media, email marketing, and analysis can all be done through the one platform, giving you an effective and efficient system that will see all of your marketing efforts not just survive, but thrive.

avoid_scary_digital_marketing_mistakes_analyse_results_for_better_future_strategy.gif9. You don’t analyse your efforts and results

The killer’s dead, right? Go on over there and check. Or maybe it’s just time for us to turn our backs and have a relieved sigh now that the ordeal is over? Cue the slowly rising villain in the background… The scene is familiar, but why don’t those poor people learn from it? (Especially if it’s the third movie in the franchise). It’s important to analyse and act upon the results we find. This informs us on what hasn’t worked, what not to do, what works best and how we can improve it in the future, and as a result, improve our own chances in what can be a cut-throat world of digital marketing.

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Adam Hyland - Chief Editor

Adam Hyland - Chief Editor

Adam is the most vital link between your message and your audience, ensuring your tone is on brand and optimised for engagement.

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