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6 Simple Tips to Keep Your Inbound Marketing Strategy Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

The Christmas Holidays are fast approaching, and while B2C companies in the retail sector may face a bonanza of trade at this time, B2B businesses and agencies in the inbound marketing sector will be experiencing a winding down of activity. It’s natural that, as we look forward to the Christmas break, our marketing machine starts to slow, but it shouldn’t grind to a halt completely. Nobody wants to be a modern-day Bob Cratchit, forced to work right up to the last minute (or get back into work mode while everybody else enjoys the festive season), so a bit of planning can ensure everybody can have an enjoyable and relaxing break. Here’s a few simple steps to take to make sure your inbound efforts continue to roll out over the Christmas holidays.

Plan Ahead


If you have been producing great content throughout the year on your blog and social media platforms, you don’t want to face a week of the online equivalent of radio silence. It’s true that in one way your audience may be smaller as people switch off to enjoy Christmas, but how often do you see people ‘checking in’ on work over the holidays? Yes, the audience is still there, and still wants great organic content.

It’s also worth remembering that Santa is not the only one keeping an eye on our activity: Google looks at factors such as how often you update your content, and how often you publish relevant and useful information, as part of its search ranking algorithm, so it’s a good idea to have your steady flow of content continue over Christmas to keep up your SEO.

That doesn’t have to mean that your poor content creator needs to keep tapping away at his laptop while everybody else hits the sherry. Plan ahead in your content calendar, get a few blogs and social posts written, and schedule them to go out automatically over the yuletide period.

If you use the HubSpot CRM, you can easily grab the link of a scheduled blog post and use it in your social media messages, so you don’t have to wait until the blog is actually live before promoting it through your social platforms. Just set them up, and let them go at it as you enjoy your break.

Step Into Christmas

keep_your_inbound_marketing_working_over_christmas_break_tips_from_get_focused_write_festive_content.jpgThe festive season is pretty much what everybody will be talking about (and browsing for), naturally enough, so avail of this, and put a Christmas spin on that content you publish. Tie your blogs into a festive topic, and have some fun with it – nobody wants to be too serious at this time of year.

If you’ve seen all the Christmas ads on TV, you have probably noticed that they all have one thing in common – they all tell a story. Storytelling in your blogs is a very good way to increase engagement and draw readers into what you have to say, so spin a good Christmas yarn.

Don’t forget to optimise your keywords to resonate with what people are going to be searching for over the Christmas period. While you don’t want to mess with your careful SEO strategy, you can always add festive keywords to your existing ones to help you rank well.

Catch Up On Trends

Related to this last point, look at what is trending on social media, and key into the conversations with the right seasonal hashtags. Remember though, stay relevant, and useful. Don’t go down the route of posting a social message about great Christmas presents #bestpresentever with a link to a blog that has nothing to do with Christmas, presents, or anything yuletide-related. That is clickbait, and nobody wants clickbait for Christmas.

Instead, think about what content you have (or plan to write in the next week) that is relevant to the season, and can be logically linked to both your industry and the festive period, eg, The 12 Days of Inbound Marketing, as this blog did, and post that.

Be Social

keep_your_inbound_marketing_working_over_christmas_break_tips_from_get_focused_be_social.jpgChristmas is a time when everybody seems to get that little bit friendlier. Good will to all men, and all that. So, it makes sense to engage with clients (existing and potential) and leads on social media, to connect, make things personal, give a Christmas greeting, and keep the lines of communication open.

This shows that you value them, and their custom, and that they are more than just a line of business for you.

Use the opportunity to not only keep your business front of mind, but also to encourage engagement on their part. Ask questions that will entice them to respond, and give you insights into ways you can help them in the New Year. And keep it seasonal.

You can, for example, ask what they would consider the best present you could give them this Christmas, or what their New Year marketing goals will be. They may not respond immediately, but all things going well, you may return to the office in the New Year with some very useful pieces of information about the services you can offer to help them get to where they want to be.

Put Your Hands in Your Pockets

Yes, Christmas is an expensive time of year, but a little giving can mean a lot of getting in return, so consider a paid ad campaign on social media. This can boost your visibility and expose your business or agency to a wider audience, all while you sit back and relax.

An effective campaign that targets the right people with the right content could mean you return to the office with a whole new list of leads to work on.

Make Your OOO More Ho Ho Ho

keep_your_inbound_marketing_running_while_on_christmas_break_with_great_out_of_office_message_tips_from_get_focused.jpegYour Out Of Office auto-reply will kick in while you take a break over Christmas, but you can turn that OOO into more of a Ho Ho Ho for you. Everybody will assume that you will be taking time off over the festive period, and will probably expect to get a standard message stating the dates you will be away and when you will return, but you can make that message count.

Use it as an opportunity to highlight some of your best content, or offers, so that any consumers looking for information from you for the new year will already have a headstart, and you will have a potential new qualified lead you can start to nurture along the conversion path, as soon as you get back to work.

We all look forward to the Christmas break, but putting these simple steps in place will mean your inbound marketing will keep ticking over while you enjoy the festive season.

Find out how you can generate more leads for your business over Christmas and into the New Year by downloading our Lead Generation Survival Kit:

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Adam Hyland - Chief Editor

Adam Hyland - Chief Editor

Adam is the most vital link between your message and your audience, ensuring your tone is on brand and optimised for engagement.

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