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5 Reasons Why Digital Marketers Should Go To The Next Web Conference

This year’s Next Web summit is approaching and will offer digital marketers a great chance to stay ahead of the curve regarding the tools, tips and advice needed to maintain an effective online marketing strategy. The many industry-leading speakers, the networking opportunities and the chance for your business to get noticed by investors… there are so many reasons why you should think about attending. Here, we give you five of the best.


1 - It’s one of the best business conferences in the world

Winner of last year’s Best European Business Conference award, this year’s event promises to ‘redefine the conference experience’ when 15,000 entrepreneurs, developers, marketing managers, CEOs and investors converge on Amsterdam.

We are huge fans of conferences such as this. We have been enthusiastic participants at Inbound in Boston for several years, where we have gained some crucial advice and lessons on becoming a great digital marketing agency, and are regular hosts of our own intimate workshops where we pass on our knowledge and expertise about topics such as accelerated lead generation through email marketing and turning your website into an ROI-based sales machine.

A conference such as this one is not all about the great speakers and inspirational workshops. There will also, naturally enough, be a focus on the tools that aid networking – the best part of any conference – and meeting facilities, so you can make those important connections that will serve your business well in the coming year.

The event has grown a lot since its first inception in 2006, and in 2017 will boast seven stages for thought-provoking insights and advice, 250 exhibitors and a huge conference area built around a plethora of food courts, so whether you are hungry for knowledge, or just plain hungry, there will be something to satisfy your tastes.

2 - It covers all the bases

So, who is going to be there and what are the topics that will be covered? Across four main stages there will be keynotes from authors, technology leaders and entrepreneurs, with all attendees encouraged to participate in any of the 1,000 roundtable sessions covering topics such as AI, the Cloud, VR, Branding, Fintech and Media, among others.

Speakers include Imran Khan of Snapchat, David Karp of Tumblr, Ben Hammersley of Wired, HubSpot’s Brian Halligan, Michael Prior of Trello, Jonathan Rochelle of Google Drive, and many, many more, who will give insights into the future of technology and how marketers can avail of the opportunities presented by innovations such as AI, automation, chatbots and more.

As we mentioned when we encouraged digital marketers to go to the Dublin Tech Summit, knowing what the future holds and what possibilities it will present to the online marketing industry is crucial in staying ahead of the curve.

The conference will be broken down into separate summits across two days, and will feature topics that will help businesses stay on top of their industry. These include Digital Innovation, Media and Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

3 - There will be pitch battles

And we don't mean the bad kind. The pitch tower will see 80 leading start-ups go to battle in front of three judges and an audience who will decide on which one comes out on top. Great fun and great information on making a pitch that works, and who knows, you might get some inspiration to develop your business further.


4 - There will be lots of extracurricular activities

As with school, sometimes the most interesting and valuable lessons we learn happen outside the classroom, so to speak, and the more intimate meetings and group sessions on offer at this conference enable small groups to come together and trade tips, advice and experiences. The Engage Sessions will see nine like-minded people get together to brainstorm, the Workshops will enable you to brush up on your knowledge of topics like lead generation and lead nurturing at masterclasses taught by industry leaders, while the Afterhours sessions will enable you to trade ideas, meet industry experts, network to your heart’s content and have a few well-earned beers.

5 - You can enjoy a little something on the side

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so the conference will boast a plethora of side events ranging from meet and greets to talent sessions to street BBQs to parties, so you can pick the type of event that suits you best and network to your heart’s content, or just have great fun unwinding after a day filled with gaining insights, advice and tips that will help your business or digital marketing agency to grow.

You can book tickets for The Next Web conference in Amsterdam from May 18-19 here, but in the meantime, discover the strategies you need to generate and convert leads with our Lead Generation Survival Kit.

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Adam Hyland - Chief Editor

Adam Hyland - Chief Editor

Adam is the most vital link between your message and your audience, ensuring your tone is on brand and optimised for engagement.

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