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5 Reasons Digital Marketers Need To Go To The Dublin Tech Summit

The Dublin Tech Summit takes place at the city’s Convention Centre next week, February 15-16. Aptly hosted in the heart of Dublin’s digital and technological hub, which giants of online enterprise such as Google, Facebook and HubSpot call home, the two-day event will feature more than 200 speakers and global investors, 10,000 attendees, and as they neatly put it, an infinite number of ideas, relationships and new ventures created.


But why should marketers be marking this down as a must-be-there event? What can a tech summit teach us that will help us increase website traffic and generate leads? Glancing at the great schedule, we take a look at five big reasons this year’s summit is one that will help give inspiration and know-how when it comes to building a results-driven digital marketing strategy.

  1. You will learn about the art of storytelling

If simply hearing from one of the people behind ten blockbuster Pixar films isn’t enough, Matthew Luhn’s talk will explain how storytelling is the single biggest technique used to engage with, motivate and lead people in today’s world of online consumers. His 20 years of experience at the animation giant has given him great experience and insights into the strategies that will connect your brand or business effectively with your audience.

Though it may not be on a par with Toy Story, Finding Nemo or Up, you already have a story of your own – your buyer personas – and this talk is bound to be helpful in understanding how to appeal to your audience, to engage with them and motivate them to become customers.


A major part of a successful digital marketing strategy should also be recognising where those potential customers are in the buyer’s journey, so that you can engage effectively with them with the right content at the right time; essentially, providing the storyline that grabs their attention and entices them to engage. As Matthew Luhn might argue, there is no point in giving the big reveal and plot twist if we don’t yet know enough about the characters to care.

Similarly, with your digital marketing strategy, pushing the big sell up front will get you nowhere. This can be a major challenge for digital marketers eager to show just how great the brand is. You must first pique the curiosity and get the attention of your audience with great organic content that gives valuable and relevant information, before pushing on with the offer to make a purchasing decision.

  1. You will discover how video builds brand authority

Digital marketers will be acutely aware of the challenge of getting your online content noticed in a sea of blogs, web pages and social media output. With 74% of all online traffic set to consist of video this year, it’s obvious that this particular format has become the next big trend, and will overtake the humble written blog as a means to attract visitors to your website. Video, you might say, killed the blog writing star.

Video has a great impact, and has been proven to drive website traffic and generate leads, but with its rising popularity as a marketing tool, so the same problem presents itself: with so many people doing it, how can you make your brand’s voice heard amidst the din? How can you prove your brand’s authority over others?

Fear not, because in a collaborative presentation, Ziggeo CEO Susan Danziger, Firebrand Group CEO Jeremy Goldman, Google Account Manager Conor McGann, and VP of Operations at Graybo Matthew Charles, are here to help. Together, they will show how to master video to get a step ahead of the competition.

  1. You can get a handle on AI and how it will shape the future of marketing creativity

While you might feel that Artificial Intelligence is still best left to sci-fi, the reality is that AI is going to be a major game-changer over the next few years, going way beyond automation to enable greater creativity. As a digital marketer, will you need to master this straight away? No. But you will need to be able to understand the basic concepts of what will shape the way we act, engage with others, and consume, as this technology is realised. AI will be a part of most industries, and digital marketing will be no exception, so it is best to be ready.


Creativity expert Ben Jones will give a theoretical rundown of what we can expect, and hopefully a few ideas on how we can harness the power of AI, while Accenture’s head of Global Technology R&D Marc Carrel-Billiard will discuss the era of intelligence. Founder and CTO of Movidius David Moloney will also talk about how Ireland’s leading technology hub can further grow its reputation as we move from the ‘smartphone revolution’ to the ‘machine intelligence revolution’.

  1. You can get to understand what all this talk about ‘big data’ is

Big data is not a new thing, but it has become something of a buzzword, mainly because of the ever-increasing challenges involved in effectively managing it. All good digital marketers know that being able to collect and analyse data about consumers and their activity on your web pages, their engagement with your brand on social media, etc, is vital to creating a marketing strategy that works. Bad data = bad content, as you will be targeting the wrong people with the wrong material.

However, as the sheer volume of data we share and collect increases exponentially, thanks to so many various sources such as the Internet of Things, social media, and cloud computing, to name but a few, filtering through it to get to the accurate data we need to gain useful insights that will help you create the right content to target the right people in order to generate leads, has become a mammoth task. (Don’t get distracted, I said task, not tusk).

We are left, in the end, with a severe case of TMI, or too much information, if you don’t have teenage children.

A team of speakers – Drin Mulliqi of fafi-ks.com, Twilio’s James Parton, LeROI’s Marc Preusche, Yahoo’s Michael Bevans, and Digital Marketing Mentor Krishna De - will address this issue in a talk on Big Data as the No.1 Threat Facing Marketers Today.

Big data can also reap huge benefits if it is effectively managed, so rather than be the person who sees a man drowning and describes the water, several industry leaders will also explain how they leveraged big data to increase brand visibility and revenue. So don’t be afraid; dive right into that data lake and see what you can bring to the surface.

  1. You will be surrounded by people with innovative ideas

Not only will you be able to meet and mingle with like-minded business owners, start-up founders, entrepreneurs and marketers keen to understand how technology will shape how we do business, there is also of course an unrivalled line-up of speakers who will discuss the one thing we all need to drive ourselves forward: innovation.


What starts out as a dream becomes an idea, and an idea eventually becomes reality – AI is a case in point – and it is these innovative dreams and ideas that shape the future.

President of Indeed, Chris Hyams, will be discussing how he learned to stop saying no to ideas and soon grew his simple search engine into a comprehensive hiring and job search platform, while Julie Spillane and Ryan Shanks of Accenture’s Innovation Centre will show how companies need to constantly reinvent themselves through an innovation-led approach that helps deliver new and improved solutions for business.

If that’s not enough, the summit will also feature an eclectic mix of speakers ranging from the acclaimed Gary Vaynerchuk, who is always worth an hour of your time, to RoboThespian, a full-sized humanoid robot who will speak about the rise of the robot, appropriately enough, to Jimmy Chamberlin, drummer with Smashing Pumpkins and hugely successful entrepreneur.

A two-day summit of industry leaders and thinkers sharing their thoughts and top tips will hopefully give you the inspiration to create a winning digital marketing strategy that increases traffic to your website and generates the leads that will bring more business to your brand. We hope to see you there!

You can find out more about the event and buy tickets here.

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Adam Hyland - Chief Editor

Adam Hyland - Chief Editor

Adam is the most vital link between your message and your audience, ensuring your tone is on brand and optimised for engagement.

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